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This sound like it will be even more fun in my dart that has a manual transmission. I'll look into getting one myself thanks for the info guys.

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I'm back! Sorry fam! I've been busy enjoying the tune.

So here's what i think first and foremost...

100%.... WORTH IT.

Not everything below I do on a normal basis, but i'm sure some people do, so i've tried everything I could think of. If you have another Idea for me to test or try I will be more than happy to and share the results with you.

Also, I know the car isn't crazy fast now or some track monster. But it is considerably more fun.

ANYWAYS, getting on with it....
The throttle lag is completely gone. (I also have a go pedal and pulley) but it's gone.

There's no code thrown with it which is also a plus.

The car pulls much harder through all gears. Most noticeably in 3rd from 55mph+. 6th gear is no longer a useless coasting gear. I can comfortably pass people from 65mph onward without downshifting.

I've hit 100+ mph without even noticing a few times now. Because at half to 3/4 throttle I'm accelerating at what would be WOT before the tune.

I've had to be careful though. I've got brand new tires on and they break loose sometimes when i get on it in 1st. So i've started in 2nd gear from complete stops. Especially when it's wet.

The speed limiter is gone as well as the rev limiter and (yes I know it's frowned upon by some, but oh well its fun! It's about enjoying it!) When you try and "launch" the car, the limiter no longer keeps The RPMs from going past 2k. they climb up to about 3.5k before the car lurches forward. I guess it counts as a launch for those who are into that.

Also, for those who like to show off how loud their car is or how well their exhaust sounds, blipping the throttle will make it redline instead of slowly climbing to around 4k rpm. I'll try and get a video uploaded to youtube tomorrow and post the link in this thread.

For gas I'm currently running 93 Octane BP gasoline. I'm switching between that and a local thornton's 92 octane. Trying to decide what runs better (yes I've noticed a big difference between the two.)

Aside from Gas being expensive... it's totally worth the money, above all other aftermarket parts.

/....also don't know if this was part of the tune or just me, but car no longer does the weird gear skip thing where it doesn't know what gear it wants to be in. Also, car redlines in 1st, 2nd, 3rd in manual mode 600-900 rpm past redline.

I love driving the car now. Much more fun to be had.

This is all I've noticed thus far.
I also purchased the tune as well and so far its alot of fun. I see you said you have no codes thrown. Does that mean you don't see your engine light on, or have you checked with an OBD II scanner? For me no engine light is on however i found that the car has three codes that are shown via the scanner ( P0610, U0140, and P1500 which all relate to a ECU mismatch) im curious if that was the same for you?
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