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  1. Roxanne Needs Suggestions for Coil Overs

    New Member Introduction
    (I refer to my car as Roxanne) Redline Red 1.4L Turbo, Just purchased new headlights LED 5klm Lights are from XenonPro Headlights are 25w, didn't want to go over that since that is what is street legal in California. Hoping to get the yellow foglights Going to purchase a Mopar Intake in a...
  2. Pull the front bumber to replace HID bulbs?

    Dodge Dart Lighting
    Just got off the phone with my dealer Dart is in because of Transmission issues but the driver's side headlight is also out. They're claiming they have to pull the front bumper, 1.5 hours total time, to change the bulb Same bulb was changed 8 months ago, same dealer, never pulled the bumper...
  3. Trouble with the Xenon-Vision HID kit

    Dodge Dart Lighting
    If anyone has this kit, do you have a link to a step by step on installing the CANbus kit? Neither of my lights turn on, and I've tried reversing the polarity of the ballast connector like the instructions suggest. I thought it could be my ground but I took one ballast to the battery and it...
  4. HID ballasts... whats good and whats not?

    Dodge Dart Lighting
    I am new to the dodge dart as a whole (well kinda, ive had mine for about a year now), but I am especially new to HID lighting. While I do respect the stock halogen projectors, like everyone else on here, I just want more light. So from what ive read on all these forums, it seems that most...