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  1. Dodge Dart 2.4L Tigershark
    I just had a new 2.4l Tigershark installed in my 2014 Dart GT. This is the cars 3rd engine. Replaced under factory warranty when the chassis had 71000 miles and the 2nd engine had around 30000 miles. This was due to oil consumption. About 1qt low after 600 miles. Anyone else get a new engine...or 2?
  2. Dodge Dart General Discussion
    I f you have looked around at the various threads/posts: Darts can have service problems. CARS in general can have service problems. As time goes by and our Darts get more & more miles, they need routine maintenance. Some of the Darts are loaded with tech. Things can break. After your 3 year...
  3. Dodge Dart General Discussion
    I have a 2014 dodge dart black top. Last friday I took the car in for the first oil change and tire rotation. The service advisor calls me back into the shop and shows me this 4-5 in crack on my rim and part of the rim is bowed up. My car has 6200 miles on. I have babied it since i got it. They...
  4. Dodge Dart 2.4L Tigershark
    So, as you may have seen, I have been looking into getting some aftermarket parts for my 2014 Dodge dart Sxt 2.4L Autostick. I decided to dart on over to the dealership today and have a chat with the awesome guy that sold me my dart about whether or not these parts would void warranty. So, we...
  5. Dodge Dart Electronics and Audio
    Hello all! I'm a long-time lurker of the forum. I'm sorry it's taken me this long to post, but I've run into a problem and I'm hoping the community can help. Like many here, I got a Rallye but liked the Limited-standard TFT too much to ignore. After watching many on this forum work out the...
  6. Dodge Dart Mechanical Problems
    So I go to change my oil and I pull out my handy dandy owners manual (4th edition). I proceed to pour in the recommended 6 (SIX) quarts as per the manual (sounded like a lot to me). I drive the car to work (about 40 miles) and it just doesn't seem right. I investigate the capacities online to...
  7. Dodge Dart General Discussion
    I have just recently purchased my 2013 Dart SXT 2.0L. It has about 600 miles on it. I have all of the standard warranty's that come with the car through Dodge and the Dealership. I am looking to find out if either one of these will void any of the warranty's on the car. Also which is the better...
  8. Dodge Dart 1.4L MultiAir Turbo Engine Mods
    If I decide to put on a full custom exhaust from the turbo back, I know that will void the warranty. But I'm assuming that if I put the stock exhaust back on before any warranty work it will be OK. Am I right?
  9. Dodge Dart General Discussion
    If i decide to install the racetrack lighting myself on my Dart...will it void my warranty? It would be sooo muuuccchhh cheaaaaper... if i could just do it myself. My dealer said it would be an 120 dollar installation fee :serious:
  10. General Automotive Discussion
    One thing I did notice yesterday were four or five injection mold points with rough, raised spots on the race track light panel and the rear light panels. Has anyone else noticed these? I wonder if this accepted quality standard (kinda low, IMHO), or if this is something worth reporting. Dan
1-10 of 11 Results