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  1. Dodge Dart Videos
    For those of you that didn't see this edit I made last year of the 1st Annual Midwest Dart Meet here it is. Cameras used Go Pro Hero 960, Nikon D3100 w/ Fisheye attachment
  2. New Member Introduction
    Hello Dart Enthusiasts! I'm new here. A few weeks ago a friend invited me to drive/review a Dodge Dart for Vote on Cars (The Best Affordable Car for You - Vote on Cars). When I first saw the Dart, I thought, "...meh." But, then I drove it... And, now I want one. Anyway, I'll post my review...
  3. Dodge Dart GT
    this review comes straight from TFL. It is a very bland review paper wise but u get a nice video of it going around the track hearing the exhaust note and maybe an early peak at inside cabin noise. All i can say is "man it got me amped to hurry up and get mine already!!!!"...
  4. Dodge Dart General Discussion
    I apologize if this was already posted. I did search. I just downloaded CSR Racing on my iPhone and the first car that appears is a Dodge Dart R/T. Haven't had a chance to get racing yet but I thought it was pretty cool. Anybody find Darts anywhere else? I have been searching for Matchbox cars...
  5. Dodge Dart Videos
    So, most people here in America don't think about going to the Canadian dodge site to look for information. Turns out they have a lot of stuff that you can't find about the vehicle on their site! I found these amazing videos, especially the Header Orange RT that just looks AMAZING! But First...
1-6 of 6 Results