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  1. Dodge Dart GT
    Hey Y'all so i just have a quick question, i have a 2015 GT an for a while the trunk interior light has been giving me issues where when the trunk lid is open about a quarter of the way i can see there is light in there and that my center trunk mount tail light is on too, but as soon as i open...
  2. Dodge Dart Lighting
    Hello everyone! I just joined up on the site. I have a 2015 Dodge dart and a couple years ago I added the Racetrack LED Lights. As of last week I noticed that they weren't turning on. So I opened my Trunk lid and BAM they lit up as bright as they should be. But once I tried shutting the...
  3. Dodge Dart Mechanical Problems
    The button on the trunk lid stopped responding. Its not physically damaged or broken. It just stopped responding one day. The buttons on the keyfob and the inside of the car still work fine. Im told this would be covered under warranty. anybody else experience this issue?
  4. Dodge Dart Mechanical Problems
    My 2014 dart gt has 35000 miles on it and the other day after closing the trunk and driving a few feet I hear a loud metallic crash like a window shattered or I drove over a metal sign - kind of sound. I investigated until I opened the trunk and immediately saw what happened. on the top...
  5. Dodge Dart General Discussion
    Has anyone noticed a plug that is taped up in the trunk? It doesn't go to anything. It's on the passenger side. Is it for a CD Changer possibly? I can take a photo and post later. I came across this when I was investigating the annoying static noise coming through my speakers.
  6. New Member Introduction
    i have a 2013 dodge dart, 2.4. yes its the gt. 6 speed manual. 800 miles. when i go over a bump, accelorate, stuff liek that. it makes a clunking sound in the back passenger side. it almost sounds like its in the trunk idk what it is please help
  7. Dodge Dart Appearance
    Hey was wondering if anyone has seen the VIS carbon fiber trunk lid on carid thoughts on it or if anyone has installed it post your pics=) Thanks
  8. Electrical
    Alright so you followed Viventius's HOW-TO on installing the Racetrack LED lights on your Dart that didn't have them as an option, but you don't have the Keyless Enter-and-go package so you're left with a button on the appliqué that does nothing! Let's fix that! *I recommend doing this mod...
1-8 of 9 Results