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  1. Dart transmission questions

    Dodge Dart Builds
    So I’m planning on buying a Dart with the 2.4 and auto, my question is would I need to upgrade the trans to handle more power. I’ve read that the Powertech trans is pretty much already close to its torque limit.
  2. Loose/sloppy shifter

    Dodge Dart Transmission
    Hey guys! New to the forum here. I have a ‘14 2.4 SXT Rallye that I’m doing minor conversion to the GLH prototype from 2015 SEMA. Anyways... So I’ve been noticing this problem I have with my shifter. The stick feels sloppy and seems like it has an excessive amount of play when in-gear and in...
  3. Transmission Issues

    Dodge Dart 1.4L MultiAir Turbo
    Hi all, As many people have figured out over the years, the DDCT on the Darts have had problems. My girlfriend owns a 2013 1.4l Turbo with the DDCT. As of about 3 weeks ago, she had the recall done that was affecting the transmission shifting into neutral randomly. Before this she only had one...
  4. Possible bad transmission

    Dodge Dart General Discussion
    There is a humming noise coming from the engine bay when my car is going at high speeds; the noise goes away after a complete stop. My mechanic and I thought that the noise was the result of a bad wheel bearing and had it replaced just today, the problem is that the noise is still there and now...
  5. Shift Into Park - not working. 2013 1.4 Turbo, DDCT Transmission

    Dodge Dart General Discussion
    First, good to see this forum is still around - lots of good info over the years. Searched for my problem - found lots of "stuck in park" and similar problems / answers but mine seems a bit unique. Maybe someone can provide some insight please! 2013 Dart 1.4L Turbo, DDCT transmissioin, 55,000...
  6. 1964 Dodge Dart

    Dodge Dart General Discussion
    Good afternoon I just now joined this forum because I want help. I need help identifying the transmission under my 1964 Dodge dart 270. I was given this car by one of my friends and the only big problem I was aware of is a big ol' crack in the transmission extension housing. I think the...
  7. Rough Sound When Accelerating

    New Member Introduction
    Hi all, I recently purchased a used 2013 dodge dart ralleye with the 2.0 engine and have been loving the car so far. I have had a few concerns however. I've noticed that when the engine is cold (or rather not warmed up as I'm currently living in Houston), there is a rough noise coming from the...
  8. New owner

    New Member Introduction
    Hey all, just picked myself up a 15 sxt. Man it's a beauty. But sure enough after I drive it off the lot, and I'm gone, the car seems be a bit jerky in low gear. Happy that I seen a post about the transmission problems and looks like I'll have to take it in ?. If anyone has any advice or other...
  9. Weird Hesitation/Thrusting

    Dodge Dart Transmission
    So, my '13 Dart 1.4 6spd is having this issue- When driving, if I am in lower RPM (2200 to approx 3000rpm) the car kinda hesitates/kicks/shudders while also making a noise. To avoid this I now downshift to bring the revs up about 3500 to catch the speed I need to attain. I had an issue with...
  10. RPM Dropping

    Dodge Dart Transmission
    This might not be specific to the automatic transmission (i.e. could be engine issue), but in the morning when I start the car and throw it into reverse, the RPM drops pretty dang low. I'm used to driving a manual, so dropping that low gives me that uneasy too little clutch not enough gas...
  11. Dual Dry Clutch Transmissions

    Dodge Dart Transmission
    Does your Dart have the dual dry clutch transmission (DDCT)? Have you been having problems that don't necessarily appear to be obvious transmission problems? Even if you or your dealer can't figure out what's going on, Dodge sure as hell knows about it and isn't doing jack squat to loyal Dodge...
  12. Dodge Dart engine shut down

    Dodge Dart 2.4L Tigershark
    I've been having horrible issues out of my 2014 Dodge Dart. Long story short the 2.4L engine will burn through oil. Whenever the oil level gets low the engine will shut down, while the vehicle is in motion. I will lose power steering and have to push the vehicle off to the street. It will then...
  13. 1.4L Multi-air Engine with DDCT issues

    Dodge Dart 1.4L MultiAir Turbo
    My 2013 Dodge Dart Limited has been great up until last month. My transmission just stopped working. One minute it was fine the next some odd sounds then won't work. My car has been in the shop four weeks now. First they replaced the TCM, transmission control module, which has a recall on it...
  14. Found this helpful video for peeps with a manual trans!

    Dodge Dart Transmission
    Hey all, Found this video and as I disagree with the first "DO NOT" on his list, I do think that this guy know his stuff and make great informational videos! ENJOY!
  15. Need new Clutch at 31,000 miles

    Dodge Dart Transmission
    First off, I need a new clutch not transmission. Can't figure out how to change the title. So I bought my 2014 Dodge Dart GT w/ Manual Transmission last March with approximately 18000 miles. After putting on 13000 miles over a period of one year my clutch is "burnt out," according to my local...
  16. Sold SOLD - For sale - MD- Deyeme Drivetrain Mount, Rear, FLEX 1.4T - Never used 60$ obo

    For Sale
    I bought this a few months ago intending to install, but never got the chance. Your loss is my gain, make an offer. Description straight from Deyeme. Will ship make an offer. Edit: Paypal if you can, or in person. Will ship.
  17. 2014 Dodge dart 6-speed M Trans problem!

    Dodge Dart Mechanical Problems
    So i have a 2014 dodge dart 2.4 6 speed M-transmission. Just ran it to 22k miles. I started noticing my first and second gear would stress rev and sometimes not even accelerate. I also notice my RPM not acting normal when i release the clutch. its been about 4 days now and it got worse. I could...
  18. Fiat Chrysler recalling 27,520 Dodge Darts for transmission (DDCT) safety issue

    Dodge Dart TSB's
    Fiat Chrysler recalling 27,520 Dodge Darts for transmission safety issue DETROIT (AP) - Fiat Chrysler is recalling 27,520 Dodge Darts worldwide because the small cars' transmissions can unexpectedly shift into neutral. The recall affects Dodge Darts from the 2013-2015 model years with dual...
  19. Chrysler Faces Defective Dodge Dart Transmission Class Action Lawsuit

    Dodge Dart General Discussion
    This may be old news, and I just haven't seen it on the site, but the lawsuit alleges "the automaker concealed a manual transmission clutch defect in its 2013-14 Dodge Dart vehicles, causing the transmission to fail to engage, as well as other acceleration issues". You can also register to be...
  20. Weird grinding sound

    Dodge Dart Mechanical Problems
    When I take off in first my car makes a slight grinding sounding and I can feel it in the gas pedal. I have run out of ideas for what it could be