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  1. Dodge Dart Electrical Problems
    So ever since I bought my 2016 2.4L i think its had some electrical issues but now they are arising more than ever. When I first got it was just the uconnect would spazz out and like put my music on 4x or just randomly pause and the after a few seconds fix itself and play normally. Also my power...
  2. Dodge Dart Wheels and Tires
    Hello, I have been looking everywhere for a video showing how to adjust the camber on the rear wheels. I have found photos that point to a bolt but no instructions on how it works. Is it even possible? Do I need new bushings? Do I need an aftermarket part? If you have done it please...
  3. Dodge Dart Builds
    I wouldn't really call this a build, but more of an appearance upgrade done with modest effort on my part. OEM wheels had corroded to the point where the bead seals were weak and I was re-inflating some of the tires 2x/week. Baby has Brand New Socks & Shoes. Bought from TireRack and...
  4. Dodge Dart Wheels and Tires
    Four 18” x 7.5” Gloss Black 5-Spoke Aluminum Wheels by Mopar with Dodge Centre Cap (Bolt pattern: 5 x 110mm; Centrebore: 65.1mm; Offset: +46mm) together with: Four Avid S34NV Tires by Yokohama (Size: 225/40R18)
  5. New Member Introduction
    Hey guys, so with the winter and snow and ice here in Jersey, it's definitely time for some new tires. Anyone out there got any suggestions on what worked for them? I'd really appreciate it :) thanks!
  6. Want To Buy
    Looking to buy a set of steelies with winter tires on them. Preferably near Connecticut.
  7. Dodge Dart Wheels and Tires
    Looking at getting new tires for the car pretty soon. I plan to turbo charge and put a suspension package on in the future. For now I am considering Nitto and Michelin for new tires. My friend has a challenger and he highly recommends the Nitto tires for performance and all season traction. What...
  8. Dodge Dart Wheels and Tires
    I am looking to get new tires within the next day or so. I am wondering if I can use 235/45R17 91H instead of the factory 225. What would this affect? Thanks in advanced.
  9. For Sale
    Dear Everybody! This is NOT a "For Sale" thread.... This is a probe to see if anyone out there is looking for a set of simple 16" Aero rims with tires and TPMS that came stock on any year Dodge Dart Aero??? They do have black plasti-dip on them right now cause I am a fan of the black rims ;)...
  10. For Sale
    I'm selling my OEM 17" rims with the original tires off of my Rallye. I upgraded to 18's, so I figured I would sell these to help offset the cost. All four wheels are in pretty good shape, and all the tires have a little over 60% tread left after about 25k miles. One tire does have a little more...
  11. Dodge Dart Wheels and Tires
    I just ordered new wheels, 18 x 8 (40 off), do I need spacers? Also, 225 40 18 best tire to go? I'm sitting on sport lines and I'm hoping to fill most of the wheel well.
  12. Dodge Dart 1.4L MultiAir Turbo
    What are the biggest tires I can fit under my Dart I have a 2013 Dart AERO package. The stock tires are 205/55/r16 I am wanting to add some ground clearance, and have a smoother ride. I live basically in the sticks some roads are not paved, and have major dips and random sticks that I always...
  13. Dodge Dart Videos
    Burning off some rubber before new tires... Gets really good once i grab 2nd gear! 1.4T 6MT K&N Drop In.
  14. Dodge Dart Wheels and Tires
    Has anyone tried a 225/55-17 tire on the Dart? I am hoping to add just a bit of clearance to the car, my wife did a lot of snow plowing (unintentional!) with the car last year. These are snow tires that I want to put on the original rims. They add about an inch in height to the stock...
  15. For Sale
    I have a complete set of Aero wheels and tires with 25000 miles on them, with about 50% tread left for sale. Tires are in good condition, wheels are in excellent condition, no rust, dents, dings, or nastiness. One hub cap has some curb rash. Perfect set for winter tires before the cold weather...
  16. Dodge Dart General Discussion
    Rotated my tires yesterday... and to my surprise.... No Lug Nuts??? So I guess the new thing is Lug Bolts huh. Also I almost had to 'pry' the front tires off... they did not want to leave the middle cylinder they were resting on? Is that normal? Anyone else have difficulty rotating tires...
  17. Dodge Dart GT
    I was wondering If a tire/wheel combo can be fitted on the GT which is 17" or even 16". Stock is 18". Winter tires and steel wheels are my main concern. I had a 2008 Dodge Caliber R/T with 18" rims that could not go smaller because the R/T brakes were so large. Is the Dart GT the same case?
1-17 of 23 Results