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  1. New Member Introduction
    So here I am trying to find a solution to some problems. I will give you a back story and try to get this solved. So the hands free calling stopped working. I was trying to see if a reset would help. So in looking for the fuses I accidentally unplugged something. The car was off and nothing was...
  2. Dodge Dart General Discussion
    Is there a way to turn off or dim the TFT display while the car is in ACC mode? The drive in season is upon us.
  3. New Member Introduction
    Just bought a 2014 Dart GT and I love it. My first new car ever. Does anyone know if there is any software upgrades or if you can upload photos to the TFT screens? Kinda don't like seeing a daisy in my dash everyday. Ha
  4. Dodge Dart News & Site News
    If you are anything like us you can never get enough of the beautiful 7" TFT Cluster Display. You can set up the TFT to display the information you want, and decide for yourself how you want to see it. From Digital gauges to Analog gauges and everything in between you can set up the cluster to...
1-4 of 4 Results