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  1. Dodge Dart Electrical issue?

    Dodge Dart General Discussion
    Hi my name is Zach. I bought my 2015 Dodge Dart SXT in April of 2018 used with ~28,500 miles on it. Everything looked clean and fine with it besides the minor body damage to the right side of the car. Today i went to start my car up and when I tried to unlock it no lights or locks activated. I...
  2. False Badging?

    New Member Introduction
    Okay so I know this sounds a little strange, but when I was trying to find the dart for me last year, I had a lot of trouble with fake badges on cars. For example, I'd see one online with a "Rallye" badge, but when checking the CarFax it was really an SXT. How do you feel about this? I guess...
  3. Hi my name is ... DloTheMartian

    New Member Introduction
    Hello everyone! I recently purchased a 2015 Dodge Dart 2.4L SXT and I love it. I've wanted one since they first debuted in 2013. The timing wasn't right and I instead just didn't buy a car. Fast forward to February 2018 and while on a website I was looking at an RX-8 when I saw this manual...
  4. New owner

    New Member Introduction
    Hey all, just picked myself up a 15 sxt. Man it's a beauty. But sure enough after I drive it off the lot, and I'm gone, the car seems be a bit jerky in low gear. Happy that I seen a post about the transmission problems and looks like I'll have to take it in šŸ˜”. If anyone has any advice or other...
  5. Coolant Flush

    Dodge Dart Maintenance
    I am looking for a diagram of which hose to cut to perform a coolant flush, the wrong antifreeze has been put in (my bad) and I'm trying to fix the issue before things get worse. I bought a Peak Flush Kit and it says to cut the Hose from the firewall to the top of the engine but that cant be the...
  6. New to Forum!!

    New Member Introduction
    Hey everyone in late 2016 I bought a used 2015 Dodge Dart SXT and right away blacked it out. I joined this forum to share ideas and info on Darts. Looking forward to seeing what everyone's rides look like!
  7. Stock lights to halogen? Is that okay????

    Dodge Dart Lighting
    I HAVE STOCK LIGHTS. and i want to upgrade lights. so i bought halogens 5000k, but i think its not bright enough, is that okay or maybe its not compatible? any suggestions please. im starting to upgrade my car. thanks
  8. Starting work on my SXT 2.4L

    New Member Introduction
    So i'm new to this site. I just recently decided to start working on my Dart and have a couple things in mind I wanna add. However I also have lots of questions so hopefully someone can help me out. These are the things I wanna add: Injen Cold Air Intake...
  9. Dodge dart instrumental lights

    Dodge Dart Lighting
    I'm sure this topic has probably been beaten dead by the amount of times its been asked, but I tried to find similar topics and came up with nothing. If it's already been answered feel free to leave a link to the thread! Thank you! Okay so I have a 2015 sxt dodge dart with the basic dashboard...
  10. New to the forum

    New Member Introduction
    Morning All, Super excited about my 2015 Dodge Dart SXT with the Rally and blacktop package. Trying to find some tips and trick to take care of her. Definitely interested in giving her some more horse power as well as making her look as sexy as possible. Right now she's black on black with an...
  11. 2014 SXT 2.4L automatic trans - Stalling after startup when cold...

    Dodge Dart Mechanical Problems
    Hi everyone, I'm new to the thread. I've been looking around at some of the posts before I started my own thread but I wanted to see if anyone out there has found out the issue on why the 2.4L stalls after startup when left in the cold... My 2014 2.4L has 16,000 miles on it. I live in Ohio...
  12. Orange 2013 Dart

    New Member Introduction
    Not the best at these but, live in michigan, born an growing, bought mine instead of leasing it, got tints an 1 12inch sub to go with it a year after owning, and still love it.
  13. Screen turns bright white and reboots when I use USB port.

    Dodge Dart Electrical Problems
    Anytime I use the USB port in my center console of my 2015 SXT my music connected via ipod or flash drive will play for 20-40 seconds and then the music will cut out and the screen will turn bright white and power down. After about 10 seconds it will reboot and continue the music where it left...
  14. "Project Chupacabra" (Adapting a centrifugal supercharger to the 2.4L)

    Dodge Dart 2.4L Tigershark
    "Project Chupacabra" is officially off the ground with the selection and ordering of an appropriate head unit and pulley, and measuring for a custom bracket next weekend.
  15. My Slow Build!!

    Dodge Dart Builds
    Got my 2014 SXT in September, she has 6000km on it. I got the Maximum Steel Colour, like the way it sticks out way more then just black. I'm super happy with the car and can't wait to start modding it!! So far it's just debadged and I have red led interior lights
  16. Why does the SXT have a 2.0l engine?

    Dodge Dart Purchasing
    I am looking into purchasing a certain 2014 Dodge Dart, but it has a 2.0l engine and from the research i have done, it is suposed to have the 2.4l engine, any ideas why the Dart has a 2.0l engine? Is the model wrong on the website? I know it has the 2.0 because it says it right on the engine in...
  17. Mopar parts for stick shift SXT 2013

    Dodge Dart General Discussion
    I don't know exactly where to look for parts on Mopar for the 2013 Dodge Dart SXT manual, but, does anyone know if there are any turbo kits for the car? Or is it only for the automatics? I'd like the turbo kit if they have one, if not, I'm sure there are alternatives for making my little 160HP...
  18. Hi Everyone!

    New Member Introduction
    Just bought a gunmetal gray 2013 Dodge Dart SXT 1.4L turbo charged manual. In my opinion manual transmission is the only way to go :)! I plan to buy the blow off valve from modern performance to give my little guy's turbo an extra sexy sound. I just bought some smoke plasti-dip paint for my both...
  19. 2014 SXT in Ontario

    Dodge Dart Purchasing
    Hi all. I am new to this forum. I am researching getting a 2014 model because I hope Chrysler have a consumer incentive on the 2014 models. The only ones I can see still for sale in my region are mostly 2014 SXT's and GT's with 2.4L engines. I have two concerns. 1) I like the look of the...
  20. Trying to decide which mods for 2.4l Autostick SXT

    Dodge Dart 2.4L Tigershark
    Hey guys, hope you're all doing well! I just wanted to see if anyone had several mods on their 2014 2.4 Autostick, as I've read a lot about the tranny not being able to hold much more than stock torque. I was thinking about getting RRM stage 1, injen exhaust, injen 2.0 CAI, and some sport...