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  1. Dodge Dart General Discussion
    if I have a 2014 Dodge Dart sxt with the 8.4 uconnect but I need a new one since mine stopped working. Someone is selling a uconnect from a 2015 Dodge Challenger would I be able to swap mine out with the one from the challenger?
  2. Dodge Dart General Discussion
    Have the idea of ls4 swapping my 2013 dart, haven’t saw it done so the challenge sounds fun. have general knowledge of the ls engine and understand it would require a lot of work, my biggest question is how much would it effect the steering setup. also would the engine mate up to the original...
  3. Dodge Dart Electronics
    I have a manual 2015 Dodge Dart SE, meaning that it's the base model. The main thing I am wanting is to switch the analog cluster to the digital one. Other things I'd like to do is put the dual climate switches in & change the radio to the radio/NAV digital screen. Is all that possible? and if...
  4. Dodge Dart General Discussion
    Which cars are interchangeable with a 2016 Dodge Dart SE alternator? please help
  5. New Member Introduction
    Can someone tell me exactly what is needed to swap the base radio to the Re2 without nav and xm. Also where do i get the wiring harness. I've been looking on the forums but have only found some but they mainly talk about the Rb5 and how to swap the module under the glove comp.
  6. Dodge Dart 1.4L MultiAir Turbo
    2013 dart 1.4 turbo. will it ( alternator) come out the bottom without the axle removed? omfg I'm better with mechanics than compflippinputers.
  7. Dodge Dart 2.4L Tigershark
    I just had a new 2.4l Tigershark installed in my 2014 Dart GT. This is the cars 3rd engine. Replaced under factory warranty when the chassis had 71000 miles and the 2nd engine had around 30000 miles. This was due to oil consumption. About 1qt low after 600 miles. Anyone else get a new engine...or 2?
  8. Dodge Dart Tweakers Anonymous
    So yesterday I received my Mopar Black Bezel Headlights from @zuiquan1! This is the final appearance mod that im going to do for a while... as many of you already know, I am not a visual enthusiast. I would rather focus on performance. But I digress, I got home and had the package waiting for...
  9. Dodge Dart Transmission
    Ive been thinking about this for awhile now, cause when i first bought my car i opted for the auto DDCT because literally 3 weeks later (from buying) i was going in for knee surgery so i thought it would be pointless to get manual. Now that im good to go i would love to have a manual dart...
  10. New Member Introduction
    anyone have black 2013 dodge dart headlights to swap for my silver ones? i might give you 50 bucks to even thought theyre both pretty much brand new. thanks!
1-10 of 10 Results