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  1. Dodge Dart Appearance
    So I have a Pitch black Rallye. I'm thingkin of adding some stripes to her. I'm set on the ones on the Mopar edition. Did a couple mock ups with different colors. They are not high quality was using microsoft paint but it gets the idea across. Havent made up my mind on color yet the Mrs. has a...
  2. Dodge Dart Appearance
    I finally got around to putting my stripes and chin spoiler on. I got the chin spoiler from and they are great to deal with. Next project is to order a rear spoiler once they have it on their site.
  3. Dodge Dart General Discussion
    I want to do a subtle stripe, so I figured a rocker panel stripe would be best. What are your opinions?
  4. Dodge Dart Mopar 13
    Can anyone tell me how wide exactly the stripes are and a little more in dept of the infor would some one be able to tell me in relation to the car and placement of the stripes the exact placement of them how many inches from the edges of each pody panel they are on? Id like to put stipes on my...
  5. Dodge Dart Appearance
    After finishing my tail lights, I have started working on a center stripe. It's not 100% perfect, but for me, it's close enough. I have finished the hood and now just need to decide whether to try the roof or just move on to the trunk. I know if the roof doesn't line up even a little, the whole...
  6. Dodge Dart General Discussion
    Has anyone added stripes or graphics to their Dart yet? I like these in black: 2013-Up Dart Side Decals I saw someone has the carbon fiber on the roof and that looks pretty nice on the red but I think on the Citrus Peel I'd have to be a bit more "subtle".
1-6 of 6 Results