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  1. Custom Shift Knob Help

    Dodge Dart General Discussion
    Is there anyone out there who's replaced their shift knob that can help me out? I'm planning on making a custom shift knob this weekend. I'm going to cast an LED into a red epoxy sphere and then using a stencil, paint everything but the shift pattern and maybe an accent stripe. Then I'm going to...
  2. Going for 200K Miles

    New Member Introduction
    I believe in getting the most out of every vehicle I own, so when a get a car (mostly new), I research the hell out of candidate car models based on my needs at the time, then maintain the one I buy according to the owner's manual. I don't modify my cars aside from minor cosmetic upgrades. For...
  3. Are E-Paddle Shifters Possible?

    Tork Motorsports
    So I've been thinking.. and I'm asking you guys at Tork because I feel like you know the Dart more than any other vendor on the forum. One thing I would LOVE to have for my DDCT transmission are paddle shifters. Now hear me out.. When you shift into manual mode, the shifts up and down are...