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  1. Bunch of stuff for the 1.4l people!!! (ecm, cai, downpipe, autoflash)

    For Sale
    Hey there everyone! Recently I stumbled upon some products that I want to install on my 1.4L Aero but I need to get rid of what I currently have. Most of everything is used except for 1 part still in the packaging that I never needed but all the parts will work with any Fiat 1.4L I4 FIRE...
  2. Hello Everybody!

    New Member Introduction
    New to the Community, trying to get these post counts up so I can contribute to the forum Been following a lot of builds on here for a while and so pumped to share how my build is coming along and what the future holds! I have no idea where to put my mods list for people to see so i'll post it...