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  1. Dodge Dart Builds
    Welcome to my thread! I've done quite a few modifications to my dart since I bought it in October of 2016. Figured i'll show you guys what i've done, what I plan on doing, and chatting or answering any questions people have. Also my one rule for this thread is "Don't hate, appreciate!" :p I...
  2. New Member Introduction
    Pretty excited to have just joined the forum. I recently got a 2015 Dodge Dart GT than im revamping into my own R/T. Excited to post and get much needed help and influence from enthusiasts alike, let me know what you think of the idea!
  3. Dodge Dart General Discussion
    I just wanted to share this post from Car and Driver. Dodge Dart R/T Concept: The Hot Compact Dodge Needs to Build ? News ? Car and Driver | Car and Driver Blog
  4. Dodge Dart General Discussion
    Thee Dodge Dart Limited Club Was started to show case our very special brand of DARTS, If the R/T's and Rallies can have a club so can we. We will not be bullied by our brother's, we know we are better. So sign in now, show these guys we know how to rock the high tech, and looks. sort of beauty...
  5. Dodge Dart News & Site News
    The weekend is upon us and we have some good news to share with everyone. We are in the process of having an app made to make surfing the forums on your iOS or Android Device (Smartphone and/or Tablet) a lot easier. The application will be FREE and it will give you the ability to navigate the...
  6. Dodge Dart General Discussion
    I just found out from a reliable source that the long awaited R/T trim Dart is scheduled for release in August but will not be available to order until as late as January! This is devestating news to everyone holding out for the R/T trim of the 2013 Dodge Dart...:crying:
1-6 of 6 Results