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  1. Dodge Dart Wheels and Tires
    Trying to find a good set of rims, but I’m a bit lost on that end. I want kind of a deep dish style of rim or like a 6/10 spoke kind of rim. Which brands are best for that?
  2. Dodge Dart GT
    I ordered rims for my dart that were advertised as 8.5 wide but turns out they are 9.5 wide. Would these fit on the dart without causing problems? If not what are some rims that would fit?
  3. Dodge Dart Appearance
    I have found a killer deal for some Touren Tr60 (16x7 5-110 w/ a 42mm offset) Here is the listing on amazon: I have seen some posts saying people have had issues with the calipers scraping, would i run into that...
  4. Want To Buy
    Looking to buy a set of steelies with winter tires on them. Preferably near Connecticut.
  5. Dodge Dart Wheels and Tires
    So I've had my Dart for 42 months now / 36K miles and I figure new tires will be needed in the next few months. ( ride my motorcycle half the time or better.....thanks to Florida weather). Just wondering if I should invest in a new look at the same time. It has 17" now. Thx.
  6. Dodge Dart Wheels and Tires
    Well as @youngsmith53 likes to say "pics or it didnt happen!" Here is a small glimpse of the rims I bought for the dart!
  7. For Sale
    Dear Everybody! This is NOT a "For Sale" thread.... This is a probe to see if anyone out there is looking for a set of simple 16" Aero rims with tires and TPMS that came stock on any year Dodge Dart Aero??? They do have black plasti-dip on them right now cause I am a fan of the black rims ;)...
  8. Dodge Dart General Discussion
    For any of you that use studded tires, what size rims and tires do you use? I want to get a jump on winter tires and rims for my '16 GT, and it seems like my 18 in. tires might be a bit much for studded tires.
  9. Dodge Dart Wheels and Tires
    So I am trying to figure out what I all need to have when buying aftermarket rims, I have a few rims in mind, but my question deals more towards the tpms sensors. I have been reading up on many other forums/general faqs parts of websites like tirerack, carid, etc. and cannot seem to figure out...
  10. Dodge Dart GT
    Hey guys, so I have just recently had enough money to consider doing appearance upgrades. I need new rims ASAP, and currently have the stock silver (ew) rims on, which have bad curb rash. I'm trying to black everything out on the car besides the red paint, so black rims are a must. Any...
  11. For Sale
    Good afternoon, I have for sale a set of Hyper Black Rims that came off my 14 Rallye, and they were on my car for 11,000 miles. I tried my best to capture the current condition, please pay attention to the two marks I pointed out on rim 3 of four. These come with center caps, valve stems, and...
  12. Dodge Dart Gallery
    Getting rid of the hubcaps makes a world of difference The wheels are PULSE P7's they're a perfect fit with the 40mm offset.
  13. Dodge Dart Wheels and Tires
    Are there any differences that would make some of the other Dart wheels not fit on the SE version? If there's already a thread about this, sorry, please point me there. I have the 16 inch steelys, looking to get 17 inch Limited wheels. Just hate the hubcaps :P
  14. Dodge Dart Wheels and Tires
    Alright guys and gals, it's time to get rid of these OEM 16's. I think I'm pretty set on the black and red Maxxim Maze's. My questions to you guys are: 17's or 18's? Will I have to do any modifications for either? How do I...
  15. Dodge Dart Appearance
    I am looking to replace my 2013 dodge dart sxt rims and i was just wondering what size you guys went with pictures appreciated
  16. Dodge Dart Wheels and Tires
    Anybody find some good 5x110 rims? Or any wheel adapters that work well?
  17. Dodge Dart Wheels and Tires
    After my vacation I'm going to buy new wheels for my car, I've been to both of my local custom car shops, looked through their catalogs and they pointed out a handful of wheels that would work on my car I only liked 2 of them, I ordered the first pair and they hit my caliper sent them back, I...
  18. Dodge Dart Wheels and Tires
    Hello, I'm new to the forum and I was interested in a set of Vossen wheels. Not really sure which set I'd go with, but I liked the look of the VFS/1. I have never seen anybody put a set of them on a Dart before, and I really like the brand. My question is: will I be able to put a set of Vossens...
1-18 of 31 Results