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  1. Dodge Dart 2.0L Tigershark
    I have had a muffler delete for awhile now and i am so freaking happy with it.... but i want moreeee:crazy: Anyways does anyone have both a muffler AND resonator delete? How does/will it sound with both deleted? How big of a difference will it make if any at all?
  2. Dodge Dart Tweakers Anonymous
    My ex took my GT in for a resonator delete to make it louder. It was WAYYY louder stock. If i put them back on will it go back to the original sound?:( Not looking do no a new exhaust yet just temporary and cheap
  3. Dodge Dart General Discussion
    Just wondering if anyone has removed the resonator on the 2.4 engine, and are there any negative side effects. Will this increase power or just give it more of a growl... I've been patiently waiting for the 2.4 CAI kit to be made but so far nothing. So I know a quick resonator removal will...
1-3 of 3 Results