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  1. Uconnect and limits in the phonebook contacts (1000 maximum)

    Dodge Dart General Discussion
    I have a ton of contacts in my phone, as I also use it for my business phone, and the phone syncs quite easily with the Uconnect. The question I have: Has anyone figured out a way around the 1000 contact limit in the phone? I would like to add my wife and kids to the quick dial, but for me, I...
  2. Dart Autonet Mobile App.

    Dodge Dart General Discussion
    Has anyone ever heard about the Autonet mobile phone app? You can control your Dodge Dart from the application apparently. I seen it in the commercial called "How to change cars forever" for the Dart. According to the video and some googling that I have done, You can Start the car with your...
  3. Which Android works best with the 8.4 UConnect system ?

    Dodge Dart Electronics
    I am looking for Dart owners with Androids who have the 8.4 UConnect. I have a Motorola Razr XT 912 and I am going to upgrade. I want an android phone that connects via blue tooth, uploads the phonebook and also email and metadata works well. On my Razr blue tooth works, phonebook works after I...
  4. Uconnect app update is there gonna be one for 2013 model or not

    Dodge Dart General Discussion
    Ok so my parents just bought me my first car which is the 2013 Dodge Dart Limited and I have a question, Is there gonna be an update to where I can control my Dart from my phone like what the Rams and Vipers have cause i wouldn't mind having that necessity cause that would be great.
  5. Music starts playing on my phone when bluetooth disconnects?

    Dodge Dart Electronics
    Just got my Dart last week, needed more room than my MINI had to offer, I must say I was extremely partial before, but I love it so far. One quirky thing I'm experiencing is when my phone (Blackberry Storm2) and my girlfriends phone (Samsung Fascinate) are connected, using hands free only, when...
  6. Anyone buying the iPhone 5 or some other phone coming out soon?

    Off Topic Forum
    Liveblog today for the latest iPhone to be released in a week or so. The event happens at the following times: Do you hate the iPhone? What type of phone do you have?