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    Hi all. I'm a new owner of a 2015 Dart Rallye with Blacktop package and 2.4L. Hoping to get some opinions on doing some engine mods to boost HP and torque to make my own SRT4! I love the car so far. First car I've had in years. Feeling young again LOL.
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    When we come across cool videos of Travis Pastrana pushing the Rallycross Dodge Dart to it's limits, we just have to share them. After the bike build and 3:30 seconds into the video you get to see Travis tossing the Rallycross Dodge Dart around the track at Willow Springs. Needless to say he...
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    Welcome to, the premier resource for the all new Dodge Dart. We welcome all owners and enthusiasts alike. This site is dedicated to the all new 2013+ Dodge Dart. We aim to be a friendly, educational community dedicated to everything about the Dodge Dart. To take full advantage of...
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    The recently released Dodge Dart has been a simmering topic of conversation for a lot of people. In order to build off of the buzz the car is generating, Mopar has gone out of its way to pay homage to the Dart GTS of the 60’s, building a program that it has affectionately called the Dart GTS 201...