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  1. Set of four Rallye Blacktop wheels and tires for sale

    Dodge Dart Wheels and Tires
    Four 18” x 7.5” Gloss Black 5-Spoke Aluminum Wheels by Mopar with Dodge Centre Cap (Bolt pattern: 5 x 110mm; Centrebore: 65.1mm; Offset: +46mm) together with: Four Avid S34NV Tires by Yokohama (Size: 225/40R18)
  2. SRT4 wheels???

    Dodge Dart Wheels and Tires
    Anyone running any SRT Neon or Caliber wheels on here???? I plan to rock a set this spring!
  3. For Sale OEM Mopar Power Mirrors

    For Sale
    Selling a pair of OEM Mopar power mirrors. Mirrors are in excellent condition (no scratches, marks, fully functional) they are billet silver. They are off my 2014 Rallye, I upgraded to the mopar turn signal mirrors and no longer have a use for these. Located in Toronto, Canada. I am willing to...
  4. We Are Mopar 2-Texas Motor Speedway

    Dodge Dart Clubs and Meets
    Any Darts from the forum going to We Are Mopar 2 on August 5th? If anyone's interested, the event has an active Facebook page with lots of updates. There's a hotel with special pricing for participants and a few big sponsors. Definitely worth a look! I already registered lol
  5. Mopar CAI for the 2.4?

    Dodge Dart 2.4L Tigershark
    I was looking into cold air intakes for my Dart, 2016 SXT Rallye if it matters. My problem with brands like K&N is their oiled filter, as I've heard some dealership horror stories (particularly at Dodge) where warranties are denied as soon as the CAI is spotted. Granted, I know legally they must...
  6. Knock Sensor and Control Module? 1.4 Mopar 13"

    Dodge Dart 1.4L MultiAir Turbo
    Hey guys, I have a Mopar 13" it's throwing P0325,P0324,P0326, Code P0324 (Knock Control Module??) is the code that comes back after disconnecting the battery and letting the ECU Reset. I've replaced the knock sensor on the back of the motor and that didn't fix the issue..I'm running out of...
  7. Hey! New owner in SC!

    New Member Introduction
    Hey everyone! Names Ryan, I'm a new owner of a Dodge Dart Mopar edition! it's 273/500, I love it, Just wanted to say hello and thanks for an awesome forum!
  8. New to the Fourm

    New Member Introduction
    Hello everyone, my name is Erik and I own a 2013 Dart Rallye 1.4T manual trans. So far since its only been 3 weeks since i've had it I only have a K&N Typhoon SRI and a muffler delete. I did own a 2013 SXT 2.0L auto for a year but needed to trade in for the turbo engine and a manual trans. Im in...
  9. Finally installed my stripes and chin spoiler

    Dodge Dart Appearance
    I finally got around to putting my stripes and chin spoiler on. I got the chin spoiler from and they are great to deal with. Next project is to order a rear spoiler once they have it on their site.
  10. Signature 453/500

    Dodge Dart Mopar 13
    Quick Question about the mopar 13's first being : as far as i know there is an active recall on something on the darts, can someone please update me on the info for this. second being: is there anything i need to do, or anyone i need to message to talk about getting myself one of those snazzy...
  11. Mopar Blog on Google+

    Off Topic Forum
    I have a Mopar Community on Google+ Come Check it out! You can share videos and pictures or just start a discussion.
  12. Unsettling news about my 2.4L's warranty!

    Dodge Dart 2.4L Tigershark
    So, as you may have seen, I have been looking into getting some aftermarket parts for my 2014 Dodge dart Sxt 2.4L Autostick. I decided to dart on over to the dealership today and have a chat with the awesome guy that sold me my dart about whether or not these parts would void warranty. So, we...
  13. Where do folks get their MOPAR Parts?

    Dodge Dart General Discussion
    Has anyone ordered their parts from this site? Buy Mopar Car Truck Parts | Genuine Discounted Mopar OEM Auto Parts | Mopar Accessories I notice their parts are much less than the actual MOPAR site. Is it legit and if so, do the parts fit nicely or is it better to simply order...
  14. mopar logo

    Dodge Dart Appearance
    Has anyone changed the Dodge logo on the front grille to the mopar logo if so what do you have to remove i want to do this but I wanted to know if it is possible before ordering the logo
  15. New Member from Utah!

    New Member Introduction
    Hello everyone! I am a new member and I absolutely love my 2013 Dodge Dart Rallye, 2.0 liter Automatic. I've had it since March of 2013 and I wouldn't trade it for any other car. A little bit about my Dart : I have the White Rallye with a pink Mopar stripe on the opposite side of the vehicle...
  16. A possible MOPAR 13 Purchase

    Dodge Dart Mopar 13
    My wife and I may be purchasing a 13 MOPAR Dart. I see a ton of interesting posts on these cars. I was just wondering if there are any Manufacturer recalls since the car debuted and it's now a leftover on the lot. I also see numerous folks doing mods to the car, such as blow-off valve...
  17. Mopar Vehicle Protection

    Mopar Vehicle Protection Lifetime Maximum Warranty Coverage Information The 10th page is blank
  18. Looking To See The Puddle Lights Offered In Action...

    I like the look and idea of the Mopar puddle lights offered in BrightTails shop but I have never seen or done this install myself. Trying to track down a couple people that have to see what they think of the product and install process?? I'm so new to electrical work of any kind that it is not...
  19. Semi new Dart owner and happy to be one!

    New Member Introduction
    Hello all fellow Dart owners:) I am excited to be apart of this forum and am looking to learn alot from you guys too. Thanx in advance. A lil bout my car: It's completely stock cause i havent had enough savings yet to do anything to it aside from being tinted on the 24 of this month :D. I have...
  20. How To: Install Mopar'13 Defuser

    This should be used a guide or a confidence booster. I am by no means a pro and but it turned out pretty good.