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  1. Dodge Dart Lighting
    2014 Dodge Dart GT - Uses HID headlights Right Headlight drama headlight goes out - replace fuse and HID headlight - right headlight still does not work car was taken to the shop and the ballast was replaced, right headlight working fine almost two months after the repair, right headlight...
  2. Dodge Dart Mopar 13
    As i'm sure everyone with one of these cars has noticed, The accent color on the digital gauge and the U connect screen is red like in all of the regular Darts. I was wondering if anyone had figured out a way to switch the color to blue. Seems like its probably not possible but I would love to...
  3. Dodge Dart General Discussion
    Is there anyone out there who's replaced their shift knob that can help me out? I'm planning on making a custom shift knob this weekend. I'm going to cast an LED into a red epoxy sphere and then using a stencil, paint everything but the shift pattern and maybe an accent stripe. Then I'm going to...
  4. Dodge Dart Lighting
    Hello all! So a few days ago I noticed my passenger side headlight was out. I figure oh well, ill get a bulb this week. A day later now they're both out! Something makes me think the bulbs aren't blown. I read the headlights don't have fuses so I cant check there. What do you guys think I...
  5. Dodge Dart Lighting
    Has anybody else had issues with their racetrack rear lights intermittently going off and then coming back on again. The dash provides a warning chime and says "parking light out". It happens more on bumpy roads. Quite irritating to have it randomly go off with a chime throughout a given drive...
  6. New Member Introduction
    Hi there, I'm a junky for customizing my car. Well I just got this one but I love customizing. I drive a 2013 dodge dart rallye. Red and black but a whit n grey interior. So I'm going for red and black inside.
  7. Dodge Dart Electrical Problems
    I have a 2013 dodge dart limited and its been having a few electrical issues, the passenger window wouldn't roll up or down for about 20 min and now it works fine, the dome light will not come on the cig lighter under the radio will not work.. the lighted ring around it works just fine but the...
  8. Dodge Dart Electronics and Audio
    Hey ya'll. Just got the stock floating island bezel in today as well as the dimmer wheel for it. Though I'm not really sure what it is supposed to plug in to or what voltage it runs at. Anyone with the answer to this?
  9. Dodge Dart Lighting
    Wondering which would people like better on a dart if equiped; halos or angel eyes. Also wondering what "mm" bulb is in their or if such a mod is even posible with our headlights. Thanks!
  10. Dodge Dart Lighting
    Hey guys I just installed my HID kit and looks great! 5500K pure white from The RetroFit Source. Just a quick question does anyone else have a pretty good click noise when they hit there brights on with a 9012 kit?? or Did i do something wrong on the install?? Any Help would be appreciated...
  11. Dodge Dart Lighting
    So I have recently bought my Dart SXT Rally Blacktop. I have thought about switching all my lighting to LED has anyone done this and did it cause problems with the computers??????
  12. Dodge Dart General Discussion
    Just a very quick showing of how I did my shadow lights so that they would come on with the door open and shut off when the door closes. First pulled the door panel off Pop the wire boot on farthest edge of the door. Tap into Purple wire - this is the wire associated with the door release...
  13. Dodge Dart General Discussion
    I think it was funny that I went to get a haircut, and guess who walks in? Yeah, the man who MADE Oracle! Well after talking to him, it turns out that they are a sponser to this site... But they didn't even know! But anyway, they, in the near future will probably need a dart to test some ideas...
  14. Dodge Dart Lighting
    Whats are your thoughts on the ambient lighting for the interior? Anyone thinking about adding the mopar ambient light kit for the footwells and door pockets?
1-14 of 14 Results