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  1. Condensation related to LED's?

    Dodge Dart Lighting
    I have a 2013 Rallye and somewhat recently swapped the stock halogen bulbs out for LED's. To do this without upsetting the computer I had to cut a small notch in the dust cap on the back of each of the projectors to run wires to resistors and back. About 3 months later, I noticed heavy...
  2. BEST LED Fog Light Bulbs!!!!

    Dodge Dart Lighting
    BEST H11 LED Fog Light Bulbs!!!! I just wanted to share my experience with you guys. I found a set of H11 LED bulbs with the CREE XD16 (or XD14) chips. These things are BRIGHT!!! Here is a link to the bulbs on Amazon ( I am not affiliated with them at all )...
  3. LED Racetrack Lighting malfunction

    Dodge Dart Lighting
    Has anybody else had issues with their racetrack rear lights intermittently going off and then coming back on again. The dash provides a warning chime and says "parking light out". It happens more on bumpy roads. Quite irritating to have it randomly go off with a chime throughout a given drive...
  4. Just bought a Dodge!

    New Member Introduction
    Hey everybody! I just bought my first Dodge- a 2014 Dart GT, Bright White Coat! I'm really excited, it seems like a great car. Where should I go if I have a question about some after market lighting that someone had previously installed, and some notifications on my dash that I'm getting because...
  5. Parking light/Turn signal LED's Hyper flashing and Error messages

    Dodge Dart Lighting
    So I decided to put LED's for my turn signals/ parking lights and of course the lovely bombardment of error messages and hyperflashing occurred. So does anyone know of a LED bulb that has a resistor in the bulb? I'm trying to avoid all the shenanigans of wiring in a resistor into the turn...
  6. LED Strip DRL/Blinker

    Dodge Dart Lighting
    So I finally got around to finishing up installing my light strips. I saw some others on here do it too but I didn't see any that used the Amber to function with the blinkers. Let me know what you think.
  7. Using Accent Control for New Interior LEDs?

    Dodge Dart Lighting
    Okay so I ordered a 4 piece led strip set and I want to wire them to the stock accent controller (the one that controls the red ring around the dash). Has anyone else done this before? It should be possible however I'm unsure as to how to access the wires and which ones I would splice into...
  8. License Plate Lights question

    Dodge Dart Lighting
    I recently bought a license plate light at, but after I install it I got an error message saying "License Plate Lights out". Im just wondering where can I buy something that wont do the same, like a led light that wont tell me that the License plate lights are out. And is it...
  9. Love this Forum!!!!!

    New Member Introduction
    I've owned my dart now for 6 months and I love my car. I just discovered this forum recently when trying to customize my dart! I do have a question still about headlight removal for Halos and LED strips. Do I need to bake the light in order to open it? I saw somewhere that was necessary and they...
  10. My LEDs won't turn off!!

    Dodge Dart Appearance
    Bought some led lights for my map and Dome lights and they constantly run, when turned on they are super bright but when I turn them off they still lightly glow, even with my car off and locked I can see them still running. Is this going to kill my battery it make them super hot after running...
  11. 12v light

    Dodge Dart Appearance
    does anyone know how to change the light in the cubby hole infrint of the shifter? The light right under the 12v outlet. I took the peice off the passenger side of the middle and you can see the back of the light but I couldn't twist it to unscrew it. Is there a different way to get that light...
  12. HALO size?

    Dodge Dart Lighting
    Anyone get some halos they can measure for me? PLEASE!? I really really really want to know what the inside and outside diameters should be for the main head lights. I need to know before opening them to find out lol.
  13. LED wiretapping DRL's

    Dodge Dart Lighting
    Im going to be adding LED's to the DRL on my Dart using Alpena Flex LED strips. Will using wiretappers into the the wire for the DRL lights cause the amber DRL's and LED's to be significantly lighter since they are sharing the same power? Will coming straight from the fuse solve that problem...
  14. LED underbody kit

    Dodge Dart Appearance
    OK so I ordered the orange LED underbody kit for my header orange Dart. I'm over 40 but have been a youth pastor for 15+ years so still feel young. My kit should be in Monday and if all goes well I'll install on Wed, if not by the weekend.. I'll post pics/video. Back in my early 20's I had...
  15. Footwell Lights with Dome Light

    Dodge Dart Electronics
    Sooo..I am trying to wire in some DIY footwell lights on my Dart. I want them to be setup to where they come on with the dome light when a door is opened and dim to off when the door shuts...just like the dome lights do on the car as it is. The fuse for the dome light is F32 on the interior fuse...
  16. HID Upgrade Comparison Guide

    Dodge Dart Lighting
    This is intended to be helpful information for those looking to change/upgrade headlamp bulbs. I'm combining the data I've collected and posted in several threads for easier reference. First off, the stock bulbs are 9012. You can replace it with other 9006 bulbs (though you may need to trim the...
  17. Dodge Dart LED Door Sills

    Dodge Dart General Discussion
    Hey guys, I just got some LED door sills for my Dart. Im really excited and cant wait to see what they look like after being installed. But I need some help. Im not very experienced when it comes to working on cars. So if any of you could help me I would appreciate it greatly! My dilemma is, I...
  18. How to swap Interior LED's

    LED's purchased here: BrightTails ================================================== Basically I did this: - Use butter knife to pry off clear plastic light cover. - Use butter knife to pry off chrome colored reflector - Use index finger & thumb to pull/wiggle out the stock light bulb -...
  19. Sold LED Racetrack tail light

    For Sale
    Hi everybody. I'm selling a brand new and original LED RACETRACK TAIL LIGHT, for $229.99 plus shipping. Here is the link from eBay: I just have one. Let me know if you are interested. Thanks guys. I'm adding some pictures.
  20. Attn Canadian Dart Owners! Dodge Canada is sending LED Racetrack coupons!

    Dodge Dart Lighting
    I know there are threads for the US owners, because I posted in them. However I haven't found a Canadian thread yet. If there is, mods please merge. My wife just called me, and I received a coupon in the mail today for Racetrack LED tails from Dodge Canada. $269 installed at the dealer. I will...