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  1. Dodge Dart Mopar 13
    As i'm sure everyone with one of these cars has noticed, The accent color on the digital gauge and the U connect screen is red like in all of the regular Darts. I was wondering if anyone had figured out a way to switch the color to blue. Seems like its probably not possible but I would love to...
  2. Dart MADNESS
    Protect the interior of your Dodge Dart and add the MADNESS touch with this great looking Set of Floor Mats. This set comes in a beautiful, thick, durable carpet with a great looking MADNESS Logo and sturdy Black Binding for that nice finishing touch. more information and pricing can be...
  3. Dodge Dart General Discussion
    Has anyone used the spray dye to redo their seats? I have the light grey cloth, and it looks like absolute doggy doo. I was looking at a spray can fabric dye from Jo-Anne fabrics. It seems to have good reviews on amazon, but wanted to see if anyone had actually used it. TIA
  4. Dodge Dart Electronics and Audio
    Hello all, I'm new here so allow me to get used to where everything is at on the forums, etc, etc. All introductions aside, I've been looking into adding a variety of interior lights (foot wells, cup holders, door pockets, etc); however, I'm wanting to connect them to the ambient light dimmer...
  5. New Member Introduction
    I recently purchased a 2015 dodge dart sxt. The interior is basic with no ambient light, no touchscreen display, or ac toggle lights. Im currently trying to install these 2 LED strips i bought from auto zone but i cant figure out a good way to install them. I have tried hooking them up straight...
  6. New Member Introduction
    Hi there, I'm a junky for customizing my car. Well I just got this one but I love customizing. I drive a 2013 dodge dart rallye. Red and black but a whit n grey interior. So I'm going for red and black inside.
  7. New Member Introduction
    Hey Yall my names Daniel Im from California and live in new mexico now. yall shoud ike this so that way I can get onto the full site but anyways... my car has recemtly been actin up some of the interior lights such as the dimmer switch, headlight switch, fuel tank and trunk lights on those...
  8. Dodge Dart General Discussion
    Just bought my 13 dart last week. Love it. Used to have an 03 neon. I was wondering how to install LED interior lights. Like in the footwells. I just wired them through my fuse box in the neon. But I cant find the fuse box on my dart
  9. Dodge Dart Lighting
    Hey all, New to both the car and the forum so sorry if this may have been discussed before on multiple occasions. I did search here on this topic and found a few threads, but did not provide me enough info. Anyways, Just bought a Dart today. I typically end up buying top of the line models...
  10. Dodge Dart Purchasing
    I ordered a Citrus Peel Rallye last friday, but the dealer wasn't able to select the grey/citrus interior. Literally, the selection was present, but greyed out and unselectable! Has anyone else tried to order Black/Ruby or Grey/Citrus? Were you able to order? I have a feeling this might be...
  11. Dodge Dart General Discussion
    So anyone know where to pick up exact fit seat covers?
  12. Dodge Dart Appearance
    Haha I found one! So possible...
1-12 of 12 Results