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  1. Dodge Dart Mechanical Problems
    Recently we have had a bit of a heat wave in Michigan with temps over 90-95 degrees, and on the hottest days we’ve had, I am getting a pending underboost code (P0299). Once the temps drop back to around 80 in the evenings, the car runs fine and the code goes away. But when it is very hot, around...
  2. Dodge Dart Mechanical Problems
    Does anyone notice/have extreme heat coming from under the steering wheel in pedal area? When I am driving it feel like I am sitting in front of a camp fire. Do I have a hole in my firewall?
  3. Dodge Dart General Discussion
    Thee Dodge Dart Limited Club Was started to show case our very special brand of DARTS, If the R/T's and Rallies can have a club so can we. We will not be bullied by our brother's, we know we are better. So sign in now, show these guys we know how to rock the high tech, and looks. sort of beauty...
  4. Dodge Dart General Discussion
    Went for a test drive in a loaded 2.0 automatic, limited in the Blue color with the diesel gray/white leather seat option, I checked this baby out hard core. Due to the fact I orderd a Limited sight unseen. It rides super well and stop on a dime, engine is not super peppy but it is not slow...
1-5 of 6 Results