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  1. Factory Headlight

    Dodge Dart Lighting
    The deaer replaced one of my headlights in my factory halogen projectr lights on my 2016 dodge dart sxt, and cannt seem to get them to look the same way it did when I bought it. Can anyone post a picture of what their lights look like projected onto a garage door or wall? So that I can show my...
  2. One headlight out, then the other out a day later

    Dodge Dart Lighting
    Hello all! So a few days ago I noticed my passenger side headlight was out. I figure oh well, ill get a bulb this week. A day later now they're both out! Something makes me think the bulbs aren't blown. I read the headlights don't have fuses so I cant check there. What do you guys think I...
  3. Silver to Black Bezel Headlight Swap!

    Dodge Dart Tweakers Anonymous
    So yesterday I received my Mopar Black Bezel Headlights from @zuiquan1! This is the final appearance mod that im going to do for a while... as many of you already know, I am not a visual enthusiast. I would rather focus on performance. But I digress, I got home and had the package waiting for...
  4. Halos or angel eyes?

    Dodge Dart Lighting
    Wondering which would people like better on a dart if equiped; halos or angel eyes. Also wondering what "mm" bulb is in their or if such a mod is even posible with our headlights. Thanks!
  5. VIDEO: Bumper Removal / How to: Open the Headlights / Install Halos & Crosshairs

    You asked for it and they delivered! ORACLE's official Halo, Perimeter Halo, and Crosshair install instructions! It details everything you need to know, from removing the bumper, opening the lights, installing the halos/crosshairs, and even wiring them up. Now you can't use the "I wouldn't even...
  6. LED headlight and fog light Conversion?

    Dodge Dart Lighting
    Hey guys. I am new to the site and new to a 2015 dart rally/sxt. I used to have a 2012 RAM 1500 with LED headlights and fog lights. I personally like the LEDs better than the HIDs. has anyone converted to LEDs yet? I'm trying to make sure they'll fit inside the housings with the cooling fans on...
  7. Humidity in my Headlgihts

    Dodge Dart Lighting
    Okay, so I was able to open my headlights via rotary saw, and I installed the oracle halogen lights, and some white DRL's. I did my absolute best to close them back up, via soldering iron whatever plastic I could, Epoxy for 24hrs, and then waterproof silicone sealant for 48 hrs. I failed...
  8. Searching for OEM Halogen Headlight Assemblies!

    Want To Buy
    Looking to buy Headlight Assemblies, color doesnt matter, i had an offer DM'd to me but i deleted it on accident! looking for almost new condition, not looking to trade. If you have any please text me (845) 642-694
  9. HID Headlights.... a must have for the dart

    Dodge Dart Lighting
    Hi Everyone... . There seems to be some mystery surrounding HID headlights for our Darts. For everyone who has them they know how great they can be. For everyone who does not have them, I recommend you get them, one of the best upgrades for our cars. 2 of the kits that a lot of people seem...
  10. DDM HID Flicker right headlight

    Dodge Dart Lighting
    I installed a DDM HID kit to my 2013 Rallye close to a year or so ago. About a month ago the passenger side one began to flicker when the motor was running and would shut off. I have the 35w kit with 4500k bulbs and the error code eliminator. I changed the ballast and bulb and that didn't change...
  11. HALO size?

    Dodge Dart Lighting
    Anyone get some halos they can measure for me? PLEASE!? I really really really want to know what the inside and outside diameters should be for the main head lights. I need to know before opening them to find out lol.
  12. My Oracles and White Eye Outlines! Plus, Interior lighting!

    Dodge Dart Gallery
    I traveled down to Vegas a couple weekends ago and FINALLY got my Oracles put in! But, I also got the White eye outlines installed as well! They look clean as hell and I am so happy with the work that Drobinder did on my baby! This man is hard working and dedicated to getting shit done! He...
  13. Anyone in the Utah region that would let me pay them to put in my Oracles??

    Dodge Dart Lighting
    I bought Oracles a while back and I haven't gotten them installed! Everyone I take them to either has tried to take the headlights apart, with no success, or, they won't even try because they don't want to be liable for the damage on them if it doesn't work properly. If there is anyone out...
  14. Looking for Rallye Lights

    Dodge Dart Lighting
    I have a 2014 Dart, came with the standard chrome bezel headlights, and I'm looking for someone in my area to trade for the black bezel Rallye lights with added cash compensation.
  15. Need Opinions for Oracle Halo Headlight Installation!

    Dodge Dart Appearance
    I purchased some Oracle's from AAC Style and they are DIY installs. I've heard many different strategies to get them open and I've tried once to do them on my own. I put them in the oven at 250 for 15 mins and that did not work.. I've heard you can cut them open and then get the right adhesive...
  16. New at this: Get the Rallye look on my Limited

    Dodge Dart General Discussion
    So I'm new at this and know very little about car forums. My brother-in-law owns an Audi that he is constantly modifying and he pretty much lives on his forums. He told me to check out Dart Forums for help... so can anyone help?! I was stuck between a Rallye or a Limited but chose to get a...
  17. Upgrading Headlights

    Dodge Dart General Discussion
    Hey guys, I'm planning on upgrading my headlights to white. But I'm wondering where is the best place to go and what brand you guys use. Thanks!
  18. Tried out some Eyelids with Plastidip, what do you think?

    Dodge Dart Appearance
    So I saw a kit that was being developed but it made the car look like it's making a -_- face. What do you think? It was kind of a rough run but I think it turned out okay. Kind of hard to see the bottoms from the front because the glare, but at the right angle you can see it just fine...
  19. Dashboard lights

    Dodge Dart General Discussion
    I have no idea if I'm missing something. But I noticed when I went to the drive-ins last night and turned my headlights off the dashboard lights went to their brightest setting. I turned the brightness adjustor all the way down and nothing... They seem to remain dim when the lights are back on...
  20. Headlight ideas

    Dodge Dart 1.4L MultiAir Turbo
    Hey everybody, I just bought a black 2013 Dart Limited 1.4L Multi Air Turbo fully loaded and have been looking around for some new headlights/ ideas. I haven't come across much since the dart is still fairly new but I want to black out the headlights from the inside and not just get tinted...