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  1. Dodge Dart Gallery
    Turns out someone before me tried hiding a check engine light by removing it. They ended up removing a few LEDs 4 in total.Dodge told me they don't fix/replace LEDs on gauges and was like $400+ for a new cluster. So I tore down to find out what led are on the board (size is 3528 smd) so I took...
  2. Dodge Dart General Discussion
    Purchased and installed an Aeroforce Interceptor gauge along with an A pillar from Modern Performance. I decided to take pictures to give those who are looking to install some piece of mind. Overall I’m very satisfied with the gauge and feel fairly certain that all of the parameters it’s...
  3. For Sale
    SOLD - Selling my modern performance dual pillar pod with the carbon fiber boost gauge and an air/fuel ratio gauge. 4 months old - $120 shipped Almost forgot - I do have PayPal or can do Moneygram/Western Union
  4. Dodge Dart Electronics and Audio
    Hi all, Have not had the time to take car in for the uconnect issues in previous posts but now I have another issue. When I start the engine, all the gauges start clicking back and forth for a few seconds until engine does start. This is not only visual, but you also do here the clicking...
  5. Dodge Dart Electronics and Audio
    I have an auto meter mechanical boost and aeroforce scan gauge. I am electricaly stupid beyond expression when it comes to wiring. I leave the stock gauges backlight on high even at night because i run my parking lights all the time. But i do want the A-Pillar gauges to dim if i choose to...
  6. New Member Introduction
    Hey Yall my names Daniel Im from California and live in new mexico now. yall shoud ike this so that way I can get onto the full site but anyways... my car has recemtly been actin up some of the interior lights such as the dimmer switch, headlight switch, fuel tank and trunk lights on those...
1-6 of 6 Results