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  1. For Sale RRM Ultimate Tuner for the 1.4T Dart--$250

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    RRM Ultimate Tuner for the 1.4T Dart--$200 I have a Road Race Motor sports Ultimate Tuner 1.4T. I wrecked my Dart and no longer have a use for it. The tune has about 4600 miles on it. When it was on, boy was it a hell of a difference. The exhaust note even sounded stronger and healthier. I'm...
  2. Racing!!!!!

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    So belive it or not the dart is faster then you think it is. I have raced a 5.0 fox body mustang, v6 mustang with a full header back exhaust intake and a race tune. A 2.4 Kia fourtea koupe and a 2.0 dart. They were all from a dig and I pulled them all by at least 1.1/2 cars has anyone else raced...
  3. How fast have you had your dart?

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    Of course everyone who posts here do your speed traps on closed roads or at a track :) My pic is a instagram pic btw. That's why it's funky looking.