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  1. Engine Swap

    Dodge Dart 1.4L MultiAir Turbo
    Hey, I'm new here... hope posting here is okay... Story: About two weeks ago I blew my engine and I am trying to purchase a new one. Questions: 1) Is it okay to buy a 2014 1.4L engine for my 2013? 2) Does Transmission type matter? Like I have a M/T does it matter if the engine...
  2. Thermostat Issues

    Dodge Dart General Discussion
    I'm the owner of a 2015 Dart SXT 2.4 L. It has 78k miles on it ( I travel into the city for work) and has not given me any issues until now. I've noticed that when I sit in heavy traffic (Texas summer heat) my temp gauge starts to move up but has never gone up to 3/4. The owner manual doesn't...
  3. What am i looking at???

    New to fixing my car, i have had it since 2012 and iv taken it from NC to HI to TX and drove it to Cali. It failed smog and i just ran an OBD2 scan that came back to the fuel injector as the issue. I popped off the 5hp plastic engine cover and i see this, what in the hell am i looking at, is it...
  4. Rough Sound When Accelerating

    New Member Introduction
    Hi all, I recently purchased a used 2013 dodge dart ralleye with the 2.0 engine and have been loving the car so far. I have had a few concerns however. I've noticed that when the engine is cold (or rather not warmed up as I'm currently living in Houston), there is a rough noise coming from the...
  5. Weird Hesitation/Thrusting

    Dodge Dart Transmission
    So, my '13 Dart 1.4 6spd is having this issue- When driving, if I am in lower RPM (2200 to approx 3000rpm) the car kinda hesitates/kicks/shudders while also making a noise. To avoid this I now downshift to bring the revs up about 3500 to catch the speed I need to attain. I had an issue with...
  6. 2.4 gt questions

    Dodge Dart 2.4L Tigershark
    hello all, I have a few questions hopefully someone can answer. 1. if anyone has tried the sprint booster or the go pedal is there any difference between the two? 2. I've gotten the engine to hot message before and my oil temps have been through the roof, and ideas why ? 3. Does anyone...
  7. Drove through high water, car stalled. Advice?

    Dodge Dart 1.4L MultiAir Turbo
    I am looking for advice from anyone with a turbo Dart that may have about driving through high water. What kind of damaged did they have, cost, etc? I had a situation this morning where I had to go through some high water, and it was deeper than I anticipated, perhaps 18 inches at the most...
  8. 3rd Engine In

    Dodge Dart 2.4L Tigershark
    I just had a new 2.4l Tigershark installed in my 2014 Dart GT. This is the cars 3rd engine. Replaced under factory warranty when the chassis had 71000 miles and the 2nd engine had around 30000 miles. This was due to oil consumption. About 1qt low after 600 miles. Anyone else get a new engine...or 2?
  9. Engine lost all power briefly a couple times in a row

    Dodge Dart Mechanical Problems
    Hi all, 2.0L, auto here. When I got in my car yesterday and started driving, the car sputtered/lost all power for a brief second (really it was less than a second) while accelerating and I believe it happened during up-shifting/in between gears, probably from 2nd to 3rd or 3rd to 4th gears...
  10. Dodge Dart engine shut down

    Dodge Dart 2.4L Tigershark
    I've been having horrible issues out of my 2014 Dodge Dart. Long story short the 2.4L engine will burn through oil. Whenever the oil level gets low the engine will shut down, while the vehicle is in motion. I will lose power steering and have to push the vehicle off to the street. It will then...
  11. BafflEd oil pan for 2.0L?

    Dodge Dart 2.0L Tigershark Engine Mods
    At my last autocross, I hear the oil pressure warning in a couple of turns. Is a baffled pan available for the 2.0L?
  12. Bolts for the engine please help fast

    Dodge Dart Mechanical Problems
    So I took the engine cover off to install a Typhoon K&N short ram, and I noticed 3 missing bolts. With work, and other things going on I won't have time for the next Few days to get my car up to the mechanics whom probably are to blame for this. There are 3 bolts missing and I need to find away...
  13. Oil in airbox/ intake tube normal?

    Dodge Dart 1.4L MultiAir Turbo
    I have a 2013 Dodge Dart aero, I was going to replace the air filter when I noticed a quite-a-bit of oil in the airbox above the filter. Is that normal? I took a look at the oil level while I was there and it's almost to the add mark. I just got it back from the dealer from the p0299 code. Is...
  14. Just a question to ponder...

    General Automotive Discussion
    So i was wondering how many people here are either members of a different Dart forum or are 1 forum kind of people like me! Ive seen the other forums in searching for things but when i check them out, they seem either really small or kinda poorly designed... Anyone got info on that?
  15. Engine upgrade?

    Dodge Dart 1.4L MultiAir Turbo
    I had a more heavy idea, probably more suited to racing applications than your daily drivers. Not sure where to put it so moderators feel free to point this in the right direction. I'm not surprised if this idea has already been mentioned before. I read a dart information site
  16. 2.0 vs 1.4 vs 2.4

    Dodge Dart General Discussion
    I was planning on getting a dart in 6-12 months but I now need one ASAP! I'm curious to hear which engine everyone chose, why, and average gas mileage they get. If u have mods please specify as well. I thought I wanted the 1.4 for gas mileage but it seems to be least reliable, also read a...
  17. Modding my dart

    New Member Introduction
    Hey guys I'm in the process of moddin my 2013 1.4l dodge dart And I'm trying to find out what I should do first and any tips that I could do. Only thing I've done so far is put tint on it. So if you could help me with mods you've done to your darts I'd be thankfull I want to increase my HP and...
  18. Need more speed

    Dodge Dart General Discussion
    Hey everyone. I've got the dodge dart rallye, automatic, with the 2.0L engine. I made the HUGE mistake of not getting the turbo engine. Im wondering now if theres any ways to make my car faster and boost my HP?:question:
  19. Speedometer and Turbo Malfunction?

    Dodge Dart Mechanical Problems
    I have a Dart Rallye 1.4L Multiair Turbo 6-Speed Manual. I bought this car in February this year and never really had any issues with it until recently. I noticed the Turbo started slagging more than usual (usual meaning the 1-2 second gap between shifting gears and the Turbo kicking in). I was...
  20. Pics of 1.4L Engine

    Dodge Dart 1.4L MultiAir Turbo
    Here are some pics of our engine on a rack (sorry for crappy phone quality): 1.4L MultiAir - Imgur Got to partially take apart the MultiAir system too!