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  1. Dodge Dart 2.0L Tigershark
    Hi guys, I'm selling my dart soon so I have some questions about getting smog ready. I had an aftermarket performance flashed ECU installed and I've already put the stock one back in. I thought driving 70 miles would have been enough but it failed its first smog test because the ECU still had...
  2. Dodge Dart General Discussion
    Hey all! I hope y'all doing well! So a couple years back I messed up with some reprogramming of the ECU through ALFAOBD, back before the devs added the "Backup ECU feature". Does anyone have a backup of their proxy that I can use to reflash my ECU, and I just rewrite the VIN and mileage to my...
  3. Dodge Dart 1.4L MultiAir Turbo
    Well the other day my car failed the NY state safety inspection due to "OBD readiness monitors incomplete". So I have a series of OBD checks that are in progress, and I was given 10 days until I have to retest. Thus my question: What is required to satisfy the OBD readiness monitor tests...
  4. Dodge Dart 1.4L MultiAir Turbo Engine Mods
    Hello guys, I know this is kind of a stretch but I hope you guys can help with my question I am considering a Fiat Ottimo and I have a few questions. There aren't that much information about Ottimo anywhere since it's a pieced-together car for the Chinese market. It is essentially a hatchback...
  5. For Sale
    Took everything out of my Dart because I thought I was trading it in. Bought a new truck gonna keep the dart as a DD so selling my performance parts. All prices are before shipping Madness ECU v2 $250.00 SOLD Sprint Booster throttle enhancer $200.00 SOLD K&N CAI $150.00 SOLD
  6. Dodge Dart 1.4L MultiAir Turbo
    I've been wondering because i was planning on buying, but i just don't know which one is better performance wise.
  7. New Member Introduction
    Hello Everybody, Just received a new piggyback MADNESS ECU V2. Has anybody installed the V2 model with the cam shaft sensor position yet? The V! had just the boost pressure sensor and the manifold pressure senor. MADNESS added a third sensor to vary their settings with RPMs. Any help finding...
1-7 of 8 Results