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  1. Dodge Dart Gallery
    Turns out someone before me tried hiding a check engine light by removing it. They ended up removing a few LEDs 4 in total.Dodge told me they don't fix/replace LEDs on gauges and was like $400+ for a new cluster. So I tore down to find out what led are on the board (size is 3528 smd) so I took...
  2. Dodge Dart General Discussion
    I'm trying to get some small figures on my dashboard, but nothing sticks. I've tried 3m double sided, and the sticky blue stuff, but it works more as a duster than an adhesive. Is there anything I can use that won't destroy the dash?
  3. Dodge Dart GT
    I ordered rims for my dart that were advertised as 8.5 wide but turns out they are 9.5 wide. Would these fit on the dart without causing problems? If not what are some rims that would fit?
  4. Dodge Dart Clubs and Meets
    Been thinking about slapping a sti wing on my car any thoughts? Yay or nay
  5. Dodge Dart General Discussion
    Is there anyone out there who's replaced their shift knob that can help me out? I'm planning on making a custom shift knob this weekend. I'm going to cast an LED into a red epoxy sphere and then using a stencil, paint everything but the shift pattern and maybe an accent stripe. Then I'm going to...
  6. Dodge Dart Builds
    Welcome to my thread! I've done quite a few modifications to my dart since I bought it in October of 2016. Figured i'll show you guys what i've done, what I plan on doing, and chatting or answering any questions people have. Also my one rule for this thread is "Don't hate, appreciate!" :p I...
  7. New Member Introduction
    Pretty excited to have just joined the forum. I recently got a 2015 Dodge Dart GT than im revamping into my own R/T. Excited to post and get much needed help and influence from enthusiasts alike, let me know what you think of the idea!
  8. Dodge Dart General Discussion
    I saw the other day a Mercedes C Class, with red seat belts. Looked sick to me. Has anybody have done this or are thinking to do this ? I have found a page where they sell seat belts.
  9. New Member Introduction
    2014 Limited Edition Dodge Dart 2.4 Custom Build. I was wondering if anybody has a ideas how to install a Turbo on my Dodge Dart? What parts and changes do i need to do to achieve this? Id like to produce 550 Horsepower.
  10. Dodge Dart Gallery
    I traveled down to Vegas a couple weekends ago and FINALLY got my Oracles put in! But, I also got the White eye outlines installed as well! They look clean as hell and I am so happy with the work that Drobinder did on my baby! This man is hard working and dedicated to getting shit done! He...
  11. Dodge Dart 1.4L MultiAir Turbo
    Hey everybody, I just bought a black 2013 Dart Limited 1.4L Multi Air Turbo fully loaded and have been looking around for some new headlights/ ideas. I haven't come across much since the dart is still fairly new but I want to black out the headlights from the inside and not just get tinted...
  12. Dodge Dart Gallery
    I have done a few things to my Dart. What do you think??
  13. New Member Introduction
    What are some good mods for the dodge dart rallye?
1-13 of 14 Results