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  1. Dodge Dart General Discussion
    hi there. I just purchased an injen CAI for my 2015 dart GT. how much of the previous system do I need to remove? besides the obvious, like the previous box and connecting stuff. I watched a few YouTube videos on the process but when it comes to the removal there's less information. the intake...
  2. New Member Introduction
    Hello, just joined and I am looking to put a cold air intake in the dart. Any suggestions/experience with performance and difficulty of install?
  3. Dodge Dart 1.4L MultiAir Turbo Engine Mods
    Hows it going, interested in upgrading the 1.4T, i basically see im gonna need to tune this thing so im stuck between going like the stage 3 tuner from RRM or the flash from Euro drive. Also im gonna grab an intake prob CAI if thats the best option with the tune basically stuck between the...
  4. Dodge Dart 2.4L Tigershark
    I know that the last thing this world needs is yet ANOTHER thread about cold air intakes, but I feel this one may yield some good results. Presently I am trying to decide which CAI I am going to use and these were the ones I considered: HPSI K&N Injen Spectre From what I understand the HPSI...
  5. Dodge Dart General Discussion
    For all people who want to know what it sounds like when you have a CAI on the 1.4 from a good 50ft standoff, click here. I know a few people wanted to know what it sounded like before buying. Its a segment of me gettin after that damn Audi RS4...
  6. Dodge Dart General Discussion
    I have just recently purchased my 2013 Dart SXT 2.0L. It has about 600 miles on it. I have all of the standard warranty's that come with the car through Dodge and the Dealership. I am looking to find out if either one of these will void any of the warranty's on the car. Also which is the better...
  7. Dodge Dart General Discussion
    After deciding I wanted to upgrade a few of the parts that I can fairly easily change myself, I decided to start with a cold air intake (CAI). As with many of the CAI's on the market, the best solution are the ones with the intake right behind the bumper, where the colder, denser air is...
  8. New Member Introduction
    I'm new to the site but looking for help on how to install a Cold Air intake and what brands y'all would recommend thanks!
  9. New Member Introduction
    I've installed a cold air intake on my sxt turbo 6 speed, doesn't seem to cause any problems so far, has anyone experienced any Ps dodge said it would not void the warranty as long as if a problem occurs its not the intake that caused it
1-9 of 10 Results