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  1. New Member Introduction
    Hi, I have a 1965 Dodge Dart 270, 2 door hard top, and I'm trying to restore it. I have a very low budget, so I'm finding effective ways to do things at a lower budget, but I would always be willing to accept free parts, advice, and donations ;) I have a YouTube channel with some videos of my car.
  2. Dodge Dart Electrical Problems
    Ok, I have a 1965 Dodge Dart 270. I can't find any instructions on how to remove the dash. It seems everyone with a 65 has issues getting the fuel gauge to work. I need to remove the dash in order to plug a rain water leak as well. I also need to change the fuse box from old tube fuses, to new...
  3. Dodge Dart Suspension - Chassis
    I have a 1963 Dodge Dart, and am looking for replacement control arms that are compatible with the original drum brakes. I've found numerous products, yet they all are for disk brake conversions. are there any companies out there that carry control arms that will be compatible?
1-3 of 4 Results