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  1. Dodge Dart General Discussion
    I have a 2013 Dart with the 2.0 engine. The other day, I came out and everything was beyond dead. I couldn't even unlock the car. So I used the manual key to open it up and charged the battery. The next day, the battery was dead again so I took it in and got a new one because it was under...
  2. Dodge Dart General Discussion
    Hello, My name is Rose. I bought a 2015 Dart Rally band new in 2015. it is 600 miles over the engine warranty. One morning I went to start my car and it did not turn over. The lights worked and seems like a dead battery. I tested and got a new one. It ran for maybe 5 miles and died again. I...
  3. Dodge Dart Mechanical Problems
    The battery light will come on and chime sometimes when accelerating. So days it won't do it at all and other days it does it all day long and dealer can't find anything ,, they suggested may be a bad ground,, anybody?
  4. Dodge Dart Electronics and Audio
    Anyone else using the wireless charging pad? Ordered it and had it installed (there was a few small bumps), but now that its done and installed. I guess after chatting with Dodge this is the first car that's had this feature and they are still slightly new. But for the most part mopar/dodge have...
1-4 of 4 Results