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  1. Dodge Dart Builds
    I’m looking to swap my 2.4L tigger shark for a 2.3L stroker, anyone heard of similar swaps or know of any kits that would work? Or if it’d even fit? Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated!
  2. New Member Introduction
    Hello I have been lurking on this forum for a few months now and decided I would post. I recently purchased a Red 2014 dodge dart 2.4l sxt automatic. It has 54k miles on it and I think it is the perfect first car. I'm only 19 years old and work part time as well as going to college so I don't...
  3. New Member Introduction
    I’ve been working on my dart for ab a year but all I’ve done is put a brand new transmission and clutch in (same one that comes w the car just brand new, my old ones broke) and I’ve done a few wiring and aesthetics mods but I would love to turbo my dart 2.4 multi air and was hoping someone could...
  4. Dodge Dart Builds
    So I’m planning on buying a Dart with the 2.4 and auto, my question is would I need to upgrade the trans to handle more power. I’ve read that the Powertech trans is pretty much already close to its torque limit.
  5. Dodge Dart Builds
    Welcome to my thread! I've done quite a few modifications to my dart since I bought it in October of 2016. Figured i'll show you guys what i've done, what I plan on doing, and chatting or answering any questions people have. Also my one rule for this thread is "Don't hate, appreciate!" :p I...
  6. Dodge Dart General Discussion
    Hey all, put together a build list that I hope to tackle over the next year. Figured I'd ask the group before I throw money around, maybe some of y'all have had some experience here. Let me know what you guys think I should add or delete. Thanks in advance!
  7. Dodge Dart Builds
    I purchased my Dart back in November 2014 on a closeout special from a local Dodge Dealer, walked away with a Rallye Package SXT in Header Orange with the 8.4 UConnect, black and tungsten interior, 2.4L with the Powertech transmission, and a five year extended warranty for around 22,950. I was...
  8. Dodge Dart Builds
    Here is my Dart! 13' Rallye Redline Pearl 1.4T Manual 6 Speed Sunroof Alpine Audio UConnect Mods: None at the moment Plans: Mud Flaps Plastic Dip Wheels Intake Front Lip Rear Lip Spoiler Race Track Led Tails
  9. Dodge Dart Builds
    I am opening this thread for those of you who now are driving a 2015 Dart 1.4l turbo and want to have an intake for it! As of right now I have completed a build of my own intake for my Dart Aero. I will be adding the pictures to this thread later as I am at work right now... I do have pictures...
  10. Dodge Dart Builds
    Okay a little story before getting into my "build" so far. I bought my '13 Dart SXT MT in June 2014 after spending two years in Okinawa, Japan. Not having a very well paying job I have not been able to get as much done with this car as I hoped to by now. But here are some pictures of what I have...
  11. Dodge Dart General Discussion
    So i'm building My Dart on but when I select certain options Like the California Appearance Package, and the Blacktop Package, it doesn't update the Picture. My problem is I can't find pictures that distinguish between the different appearance packages. I'm building a 2014 SXT...
  12. Dodge Dart Builds
    Ok so here is my build thread I figured I'd start one and show you guys how my Dart is progressing and some mods I've done and future mods im planning.:big smile: Well just a little about myself I live in Connecticut and i'm the Assistant Parts Manager at a Jeep and Nissan dealership. I've had...
  13. Dodge Dart Purchasing
    After searching for the perfect combination of model, features and price I've finally come to the conclusion to just have one built. Any issues or delays I should be aware of? See below for details: Trim: Limited Engine: 1.4T Transmission: DDCT Automatic Color...
1-14 of 19 Results