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  1. New Member Introduction
    Pretty excited to have just joined the forum. I recently got a 2015 Dodge Dart GT than im revamping into my own R/T. Excited to post and get much needed help and influence from enthusiasts alike, let me know what you think of the idea!
  2. New Member Introduction
    Morning All, Super excited about my 2015 Dodge Dart SXT with the Rally and blacktop package. Trying to find some tips and trick to take care of her. Definitely interested in giving her some more horse power as well as making her look as sexy as possible. Right now she's black on black with an...
  3. Dodge Dart 1.4L MultiAir Turbo
    Hey everybody, I just bought a black 2013 Dart Limited 1.4L Multi Air Turbo fully loaded and have been looking around for some new headlights/ ideas. I haven't come across much since the dart is still fairly new but I want to black out the headlights from the inside and not just get tinted...
  4. New Member Introduction
    Hi all, I'm new to this site but I've found it while looking on information about the 2013 Dodge Dart. I am pretty much set on getting one but as to what specific options and packages I'm not 100% sure yet. Any advice and opinions would be greatly appreciated. :)
1-4 of 4 Results