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  1. Negative Battery Terminal Replacement

    Dodge Dart Maintenance
    Hi, I was working on my battery this weekend and accidentally broke the bolt for the negative terminal and now I need to replace it. I have been trying to find info on how to replace it since I am fairly new to it. Any help would be appreciated. Model: 2013 Ralley 2.0L Automatic.
  2. Battery/Alternator issues

    Dodge Dart Electrical Problems
    Hi guys, I purchased a 2013 Dart SXT 2.0L in January of 2014, and it has been nothing but problems. I have gone through 3 batteries in 2.5 years. I recently got one not 3-4 months ago. (I also just replaced a $550 shifter cable 5 days ago or so, that was awesome) Last night I was stopped at a...
  3. Replaced battery and now my radio won't work? Need some help!

    Dodge Dart 1.4L MultiAir Turbo
    So I have owned my aero dart for about 3 years now and the battery was shot and I went a purchased a new battery and installed it myself but now my bluetooth, radio, uconnect aren't working after installation. Its showing a message on the radio display saying "turn ignition to run" but thats...
  4. How-To: Replace your Dart's Battery

    Dodge Dart Maintenance
    Hello guys! I have lurked here since I bought my Dart back in 2014, and recently my battery gave up on me so I had to swap it out. To my surprise, the Dart's positive battery terminal is pretty intimidating, and I could not figure out how to get it off until I unbolted just about everything (I'm...
  5. Radio problem after battery being replaced

    Dodge Dart Electronics
    I recently changed the battery in my 2013 Dart and for some reason now the radio sounds terrible. The volume is super loud when I have it on 7 or even 5. I couldn't find anything why this is happening on any dart forums and I figured it's because I replaced the battery, and it wasn't having this...
  6. Having battery problems

    I am having problems with the battery of my dodge dart SXT 2013. I will take it to the dealer. I noticed that many others are having similar battery problems. Is this a design flaw? Thanks, saf
  7. Anyone figure out what causes the U1504 code?

    Dodge Dart Electrical Problems
    I have been wondering this since last year. I installed HIDs on quite a few 2013 models. Unhooked the battery. No issues. 14+ come around and every time you unhook the battery a CEL comes on. Code U1504. Using the search feature I found some threads...
  8. Dart not starting

    General Automotive Discussion
    For about a year now my bfs dart has had issues every once in a while starting. We try to turn it the first time and it fails, wait a few seconds, try again, and it starts just fine. Did that for quite a while. Now today, it only sat for 2 hours, and wouldn't turn at all. We had mall security...
  9. Battery light & bell

    Dodge Dart Mechanical Problems
    The battery light will come on and chime sometimes when accelerating. So days it won't do it at all and other days it does it all day long and dealer can't find anything ,, they suggested may be a bad ground,, anybody?