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  1. New Member Introduction
    Love my Dodge Dart but I must be honest. Reason for venturing onto this forum is because of the issues Ive been having with my 2013 Dodge Dart. It has been giving me the "Autostick Unavailable Service Required" error. But if i go to bring it in it starts right up no issues. Can anyone...
  2. Dodge Dart 2.4L Tigershark
    So, as you may have seen, I have been looking into getting some aftermarket parts for my 2014 Dodge dart Sxt 2.4L Autostick. I decided to dart on over to the dealership today and have a chat with the awesome guy that sold me my dart about whether or not these parts would void warranty. So, we...
  3. Dodge Dart 2.4L Tigershark
    Hey guys, hope you're all doing well! I just wanted to see if anyone had several mods on their 2014 2.4 Autostick, as I've read a lot about the tranny not being able to hold much more than stock torque. I was thinking about getting RRM stage 1, injen exhaust, injen 2.0 CAI, and some sport...
  4. Dodge Dart General Discussion
    n/t Found right forum to post in... :sorry:
  5. Dodge Dart Mechanical Problems
    I don't know a whole lot about cars. I own the Dodge Dart 2013, automatic transmission, Rallye edition. Today, I accidentally left my shifter in the autostick position and over-revved my engine from a stand still while I started to accelerate (I had music playing so I only realized it was...
1-5 of 5 Results