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  1. Dodge Dart General Discussion
    Are there any available upgraded alternators? I’m looking to upgrade my subwoofer and want to step up the electrical first
  2. Dodge Dart General Discussion
    Hello everyone. I have the 14' Dart GT with the Alpine system. 2 questions. What are the correct wires to splice into, in the front L & R for my high/low converter. One site said Green and Yellow for the right side and I for the life of me cannot find it in that cluster of wiring. 2. Where did...
  3. Dodge Dart Electrical Problems
    Hi everyone, I am new. I just bought a dodge dart rallye 2013 today and as a female college student, I dont really have much knowledge of cars. I already turned off the option where it increases your volume to the speed of the car, but I am still noticing that it lowers the volume by a little...
  4. New Member Introduction
    Hello, new member here. I've lurked this forum every once in a while when I need info or help with something on my dart. I have a 2015 Dodge dart SE. I haven't really done any work on my dart my self until recently, I rotated my own tires and performed my own oil change on it just last week...
  5. Dodge Dart Electronics
    I've been trying to find a solution to this problem for a while now and I haven't seen any answers online, so I thought I'd post here- I have the iPhone 6 paired to my Uconnect via bluetooth. Everything's all set up, I can make calls, etc, but... When I first start the car, I play music on the...
  6. Dodge Dart General Discussion
    Does anyone know how to bypass or disable the "auto level" audio cap on the UConnect? I can turn the radio up to 24 but after that the volume level doesn't change. I assume this is a head unit limit and I would need to have an Amp installed in my dash to get the system to go louder. Hopefully...
  7. Dodge Dart General Discussion
    i want to buy de 9.1 sound systeme by alpine but i want to see maybe photo or video about it if someone can post one it ccould be nice:)! sorry for my english im a french canadian. p.s specially de sub interest me.
  8. New Member Introduction
    I have a 2013 Dodge Dart 2.0. I want to install a double din in the car. im doing research and the only things i dont know is if i need a wire harness adapter and where to get one. what size double din i can fit (6.1, 6.2 or 7 inch). Any specific mounting kits i should get? This is what i was...
  9. Dodge Dart Electronics
    Hey everyone, I've done a few searches and didn't have any luck. Does anyone have instructions for the glovebox removal to access the 8.4" LCD 6 Speaker amp? I have a Clarion digital amp 45 x 4 and an equalizer that I'm looking to hook up the speaker level inputs. There was a post that...
  10. Dodge Dart GT
    I'm wondering if anyone else is experiencing this. If I am streaming audio from my phone to the car via Bluetooth the Left/Right channels get reversed and it becomes Right/Left. When I plug the phone in through the Aux jack it is normal. This drives me crazy as I am a recording engineer and I...
  11. Dodge Dart General Discussion
    Installing subs and an amp in my Dart sxt special edition, where could I splice my in line converter ? Looking to do it towards the back. Don't want to wreck any plastic covers or carpet.
  12. Dodge Dart Electronics
    I have read a few things on here about the ODO flashing when the factory radio is missing. I don't know much about that but I have a solution for anyone who wants to upgrade their base radio system to a touch screen. Last summer just for fun I installed a 7" galaxy tab in my dash. (it has been...
  13. Dodge Dart General Discussion
    looking to upgrade my factory speakers, I have the 2013 dodge dart se, 4 speaker system. I guessing the 4 speakers are 2 in the dash, and 2 in the front door. My question is are there speaker wires or harness to add speakers to to the rear door?
  14. Dodge Dart Electronics
    i have the 6spk package in my 2013 dodge dart sxt, i was wondering what are the brands of these spks and what do they look like? i notice my car thumps as if there was a 10" sub in the back so i'm wondering if they are 2way 6x9? cause i know the 2 dash ones are treble ones, som im guessing all...
  15. Dodge Dart Electronics
    Audio installations in the Dart are now common place and I believe everyone is getting the feel for it. Tap your speakers with an inline high output converter and install your favorite components. The only aspect of the Dart’s native audio system that I deplore is what appears to be a built in...
  16. Dodge Dart Electronics
    So I purchased my dart in September of 2012 got the Limited with every option I could get off the floor. Got the 1.4 turbo, leather, 8.4 uconnect radio with Nav etc etc etc.. Which leads me into my recent issue. I use may IPOD through the USB port and up until now have had zero issues. Now...
  17. Dodge Dart General Discussion
    Anybody have the alpine? What is your opinion on it?
1-17 of 17 Results