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  1. Dodge Dart 1.4L MultiAir Turbo
    Does anyone know how to do a drive cycle on the rallye so new downstream o2 sensor will work its supposed to go onto close loop automatically but I'm not able to get rid of CEL the. Smog guy said it needs a drive cycle done and you search for make and model and do the steps well there are like 4...
  2. Dodge Dart 1.4L MultiAir Turbo
    Hey there, i've been thinking about installing some custom exhaust parts. its a 1.4T with a dct. i've already had a muffler delete which gives the car a very deep and loud note however, i can't get enough of the popping and crackling the car makes. i need more of the crackling noise. however...
  3. Dodge Dart General Discussion
    Im planning on buying an intake and I've seen that phtuneup has an intake for a good price, just don't know if its actually any good heres the intake: Blue 2013 Dodge Dart 1 4 1 4L Limited Aero Rallye SXT Turbo Air Intake Kit | eBay im thinking of an injen intake too, so what do you guys think...
1-3 of 3 Results