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General Information

Rallye Red
Engine Type: 2.0
Vehicle Class: Mid-size
Purchase Date: 2012-12-07
Vehicle Mileage: 52 Miles
Purchase Price: $0.00 CAD
Total Spent: $0.00 CAD
things i added to my car was painted my brake calipers red, plastidipped my emblams in the back, an EZ Lip in the front and sideskirt, red LED lights underbody kit from with different motions! and also put lights in the interior where the passanger and drivers feet go and also red lights in the grill! smoked my taillights, and just got a vinyl of a tear over the headlight. which looks AMAZING!!! and just got my wheels and had a friend add some custom red accents in the rim! and Grill mesh light by Oracle. i got a lot of plans for this car because im using it in my car ministry that im trying to start in my town of Gilmer Texas. im part of a Christian Car Club and our name is "Down for the Crown" we have one in Gainsville Texas, El Paso, Fort Worth, and im trying to start one in my town. mostly lowriders but i wanna go modern for now! In the future i wanna get me a 1968 Impala fastback! more Dart pix will be coming soon for i am new to this Forum stuff! haha Thanks for reading!=]

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