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    the wife took off for a few hours so I took advantage of my alone time. I grabbed my keys and went to see my mistress. I walked into her room about 11am and said "baby we need to do something about your back side", I pulled out a small box from behind my back.
  2. Better Spoiler for dart

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    Nice work. Ps: its nice to see a fellow Oregonian too.
  3. 2016 new model brochure

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    my 2016 GT has leather.
  4. Katzkin Leather Interior

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    What was the cost to reskin the seats front and back? looks good!
  5. Hello from Northern VA

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    welcome to the Dart club. Your in the right place for mod/tuning Darts. Boat loads of info and ideas.
  6. hello all

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    Welcome to the forums.
  7. New member form Canada

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  8. got race track LED tails lights for free

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    lmao, that is a mopar part number. I use that website for part numbers and use the company account (im a equip/auto tech by trade) to order oem parts super cheap. I would go elsewhere they obviously don't need/want your money.
  9. Your Garage Floor

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    I have used Rust-Oleum for many years. Matter of fact I started using Rust-Oleum when they only had one color a redish brown color. I have always had good results with their products so I would assume the RockSolid floor coatings would be the same. Sounds and looks cool im going to check it out...
  10. Lifted Dodge Dart

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    you might run into brake clearance issues w/+41 offset, stock is 46mm/1.81in. also don't forget that the dart takes a hub centric wheel. you will need hub centric rings in order not to have wheel vibrations or get the correct hub bore (65.1). im interested to see your vision. keep us posted.
  11. ATTN Sport Hood Owners.....

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    I too thought about doing that, or just cutting out the whole middle out and maybe adding expanded steel.
  12. Music copyrights

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    I to am a fan of Zep. Cleans your hands like no other!
  13. Whats going on everyone

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    Welcome to the forums!
  14. Tire shops damaging alloy wheels

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    I have had boat loads of problems with Les Schwab. I will not use them for their "free (damaging) work" or any work really. my employer has an account there and I still refuse to use them hacks. They have bent my wheels before, my buddy had his wife take his WRX in for a front right axel change...
  15. SuperStockSleeper build

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    thankx! I know right! The dealership I went to had just got a load of darts in. they took me to their secret new arrival lot (where they drop off cars to be detailed after shipping before they are ready to sell. I looked at 50 or so darts (all still wrapped in plastic) and none of them had the...