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  1. Pittsburgh area

    North Eastern States
    I see too many Darts now to say with any certainty that someone is a board member or not. They're also mostly on the opposite side of the road from me. Kind of weird. Even if I drive all over Allegheny and Beaver counties I mostly see Darts going the other way. Doesn't help my car is bone stock...
  2. Pittsburgh area

    North Eastern States
    Contributing. I moved from Greenfield in the city to Ben Avon on 65. Turns out another red Dart already lives on this street.
  3. [POLL] Dart Hatch, Hatch and Wagon, Coupe

    Dodge Dart News & Site News
    It's a tricky distinction, but some tells are a significant rear quarter glass difference (wagons having a larger quarter glass to look into the cargo area) and a less sloping roofline that leads to a more squared back.
  4. How does the Dart get such great mileage?

    Dodge Dart General Discussion
    At slower cruise speeds when the turbo isn't doing anything significant, it ends up being an undersized engine for the car (which is good for economy). Going from Pittsburgh to Philadelphia and most of the way back on one tank of gas on the Turnpike at 65 mph max, except passing, the computer...
  5. Pittsburgh area

    North Eastern States
    It's pretty much a given I will see at least one other Dart on my commute, more often two or three. They're getting pretty popular.
  6. China Gets Dart-Derived Hatchback

    General Automotive Discussion
    It releases in December. The Viaggio sedan it is built from started selling in September 2012, but has met with limited success. Here is the sales chart up to July: This translates to about 40,000 Viaggios per year. For comparison, Ford sold about 104,000 Focuses in China just in the first...
  7. Dart's Replacement: 2014 Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk

    General Automotive Discussion
    Lovely! If I could afford one, I'd have one. Congrats on the purchase!
  8. China Gets Dart-Derived Hatchback

    General Automotive Discussion
    That means you'd have to consider the Focus a wagon as well. It's not, though, and the difference between hatch and wagon can again be seen by comparing them, this time apples to apples: Focus hatchback: Focus wagon: Rear quarter window, sloping roof, raked rear windshield. The Focus we get...
  9. China Gets Dart-Derived Hatchback

    General Automotive Discussion
    As some of you know, FIAT sells the Dodge Dart in China as the FIAT Viaggio. Well news just dropped that FIAT has made a hatchback version of the Viaggio for the Chinese market only, called the FIAT Ottimo. Once again, this is only for the Chinese market for now, but you have to know that...
  10. 3rd brake light back window reflection! HELP!

    Dodge Dart General Discussion
    I actually don't mind that, it doesn't affect my visibility and lets me know it hasn't burned out (yes I know the computer can tell me that, but I prefer the 'trust but verify' doctrine with important functions like that).
  11. What the !!!!!

    Dodge Dart General Discussion
    Go back to the radio screen and activate the mini nav screen. Then you get both the map and song info.
  12. RAM 1500 Diesel Forum

    Fiat Chrysler Automobile Discussion
    I'm super interested in one. Not when they come out, as I won't have the money for one unless I give up my Dart, but later on I would definitely pick one up.
  13. Pittsburgh area

    North Eastern States
    Greenfield, though weekends take me everywhere within an hour's driving time.
  14. Pittsburgh area

    North Eastern States
    There are even more Darts around here now. Traveling to the dealer and back to get my car, I saw no less than 10 different Darts.
  15. Pittsburgh area

    North Eastern States
    Damn it... My Dart's developed a stress crack in the windshield. Getting it replaced one way or another on Monday.