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  1. Identifying the year of this Dart?

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    Long story short, got hit and run and through the help of the internet I've managed to decipher the car as a Dodge Dart. Now I'm trying to figure out what year it is and I'm hoping one of your lovely people can help me. Pictures aren't great but it's the...
  2. Music.

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    Prince rocking the shit out of that guitar, singing purple rain, in the rain... That will forever be ingrained in my mind. The more I learn about Prince the more I'm intrigued by him. Really fascinating mind that I don't even think the general consumption of his music shows.
  3. Hello

    New Member Introduction
    Sounds like a great car. Welcome aboard.
  4. My recent PC build (Z370)

    Xbox/Playstation Forum
    That's really sick. You should look into a better keyboard. I think that one is a rubber dome. If you want an entry level mechanical keyboard I'd consider something with like cherry greys. The tactile bump on those are really nice and you can lube it up if you need something smoother. If the...
  5. 2018 Super Bowl Odds

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    Thoughts? A large part of me wants to put money down on the Vikings with that defense, bringing back Cook, and then obviously with Cousins now in the fold. Don't really don't see how there's a more balanced roster in the NFL. But the odds aren't great and there's you know... Vikings stepping on...
  6. Word Association Game

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