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[HOW-TO] Turn off Hill Assist on Dodge Dart

- Symptom/Vehicle Issue: Hill Start Assist Disable Procedure
- Discussion: Request to disable the Hill Start Assist, procedure to complete.
- Hill Start Assist disable procedure (if desired) - Note vehicle roll back mitigation will not be present with this feature disabled.

- Hill Start assist can be disabled if desired. This procedure applies to vehicles equipped with a manual or automatic transmission -
  • Wheels must be pointed straight ahead, on a level surface.
  • Automatic transmission should be in Park.
  • Place manual transmission in neutral if equipped.
  • Begin with the ignition off.
  • Engage park brake,
  • Start engine and wait for ESC OFF lamp to turn off.
  • Apply brake pedal.
  • Turn steering wheel 200 degrees counter clockwise (just over half a turn from center position) Press the "ESC off " button 4 times.
  • Rotate the steering wheel back to center and continue in a clockwise direction until 200 degrees past center.
  • Turn the ignition to off position.

- If procedure was done correctly , ESC malfunction lamp will flash -

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