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    • Biography I'm a proud father, and car enthusiast
      If I can do the work for less, I will.
      If I know that I can save money in the long run by paying more for tools the 1st time around, I will do the work myself.
      That being said every thing I have listed below I did on my own, in a garage with no lift.
      - fabricated my own intake tig welded from aluminum
      - fabricated custom pcv system & welded in -10 AN fittings to valve cover
      - Changed driver side CV axle.
      - Changed clutch
      - Changed hydraulic clutch release bearing
      - Pulled engine and transmission from car without a lift
      - added custom spoiler from a Mitsubishi
      - Veteran Alfa OBD user - pre-Dart implementation.
      - modified ELM Bluetooth OBD scanner to read additional modules.
      - removed almost all of the interior and reinstalled - minus dash to firewall.
      - changed 3 of the 4 wheel hub bearing, (both front).
      - regularly replace all brake rotors and pads
      - replaced both Oxygen sensors
      - preformed timing belt change, fucked it up, and then fixed it.
      - replaced rod bearings with engine in car, by removing oil pan.
      - was rear-ended by neanderthal, replaced rear bumper with aftermarket.

      There is most likely stuff that I have forgotten ..
      If you have questions about anything Dart (or any car) related I am more than sure I can assist.

      All other cars that I have owned and worked on:
      1984 Celica
      1988 Accord
      1990 Impulse
      1990 Corrado
      1993 240sx
      1999 Sentra
      2004 Mazda-speed MX-5
      2006 Lancer Evo 9
      1986 200SX
      1988 Supra
      1991 MX3
      1988 Celica Alltrac
      2010 Mazda MX5
      2005 Montero Limited
      1991 Galant VR-4
      2013(Purchased in Nov 2012) Dodge Dart 1.4
    • Location Dryden, NY
    • Interests Making things
    • Current Vehicle 2013 Dodge Dart 1.4 Turbo


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