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2014 DODGE DART SXT - "Angel ( Her Dart )"
Owner chlngr1970

Vehicle 2014 DODGE DART SXT
Engine Type 2.4L Tigershark™ with MultiAir®
Vehicle Class Compact
Color Bright White
Updated 11-30-2014 03:37 PM
Mileage 2,500 Miles
Purchase Date 11-13-2014
Total Views 74

My fiancée liked the 2014 Dart SXT over the 2012 200LX we got back in 2013. Its an SXT with very few options, if any over the base SXT. She wants tinted windows, fog lamps, navigation, and seat covers... that's about it. I'm using mu knowledge and also upgrading her speakers, adding a sub, and amping it all. It goes in for Remote Start on the 19th of December, then I'll get to the speakers, first of next year.