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FCA Dealer Show Rumor Round-Up

Thread: FCA Dealer Show Rumor Round-Up

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  1. cereal killer's Avatar

    cereal killer said:

    FCA Dealer Show Rumor Round-Up

    Take a seat because if these rumors coming out of the FCA Dealer show come to fruition, Mopar fans are in for one hell of a ride. Keep in mind folks these are just rumors, but the 'leaks' coming out of there are turning into a huge plumbing problem.

    Here we go......


    • Redesigned Charger, supposedly draws inspiration from 1999's Charger concept car, possible arrival mid-2017, Looks "AWESOME".
    • Two new Challenger models are coming. Challenger ADR (American Drag Racer) and T/A. ADR has 315's on all 4 corners, 1,000HP, unveil had it coming out of a cage. T/A is a road course car, upgraded suspension, no rear seat.
    • Legendary Barracuda possibly be revived as a Dodge, lighter and smaller than Challenger, offered as coupe or convertible.
    • Charger Daytona powered by a 340 Hemi
    • Dodge Durango SRT sporting the 6.4-liter Hemi V8, rear-drive, dealers were shown a B5 Blue. Hot!
    • Dodge will launch a 300HP Turbo charged Dart in R/T and GLH flavors, powered by 1.8 Turbo charged "Hurricane"


    • Jeep Grand Cherokee was announced with all-wheel drive, powered by Hellcat V8.
    • Grand Wagoneer aimed at Land Rover, mid-2017 release.


    • New Chrysler full size SUV, looked awesome, Durango size great design, had stow-and-go
  2. suzq044's Avatar

    suzq044 said:
    You missed the Allpar info there @cereal killer lol

    Quote Originally Posted by Moparian
    Ok so lots of news from the dealer show, some unexpected stuff, stuff we kinda knew was coming and confirmation of other things discussed here. They were told everything shown is 12-24 months out from being on the lots.
    1. Grand Wagoneer is official as expected and will be going after Land Rover.
    2. Wrangler was shown at the end of the show, SM specifically mentioned that it will get at least 30 mpg(diesel, but wasn't specifically mentioned) was announced as a 2017.
    3.Grand Cherokee Trackhawk- 700 hp, AWD Hellcat powered, 0-60 in under 3 seconds(2.7).
    4. New Subcompact Jeep was shown.
    5. New Compass is based off the Renegade platform and looks like a mix of the current version and the Grand Cherokee.

    1. New SUV/CUV that's bigger than the Durango(possibly shared with the Grand Wagoneer)
    2. T&C- plug in hybrid confirmed, much simpler stow and go. As expected the Grand Caravan is done in the US. It will continue on in Canada and the rest of the world.

    1. New Power Wagon, apparently much more focused than the current model
    2. They showed the 2018 Ram and I was told it's going to be a game changer. I'm trying to get more details.

    1. Durango SRT is official. 6.4 RWD
    2. They showed the next gen Charger, much more streamlined and takes cues from the 99 Charger R/T concept
    3. They showed a street legal Challenger Drag car with some version of the Hellcat making more than 707.
    4. Showed the Dart refresh, no SRT version. AWD will be an option. 300 HP engine will be optional across ALL trim levels. Basically you will be able to get the performance with whatever level of equipment you want instead of having to pay for a R/T or SRT.
    5. Brand new Cuda coupe and convertible, smaller than the Challenger with modern styling.

    My eyes didn't stay for the Fiat part since they don't sell them. He did say that the Giulia was there and looks awesome.

  3. Javelin3o4's Avatar

    Javelin3o4 said:
    I thought they were discontinuing the Durango?
  4. pkgmsu2000 said:
    1.8 single turbo or twin turbo?
  5. suzq044's Avatar

    suzq044 said:
    I don't think any real info was given on displacement. They may have been refering to the 1.7T in the Alfa 4C, assuming that'd be used in the Dart. We don't know for certain yet.

  6. Memphis87 said:
    My dad runs the dodge dealer in coon Rapids, Mn Everything mentioned above is confirmed to be true
  7. pkgmsu2000 said:
    Truth to these rumors or truth that these rumored cars will show up on dealer lots?
  8. Dart R/T's Avatar

    Dart R/T said:
    I just want a Dart that looks like the Poison Dart concept and has some umph to back up the looks.
  9. suzq044's Avatar

    suzq044 said:
    Quote Originally Posted by pkgmsu2000 View Post
    Truth to these rumors or truth that these rumored cars will show up on dealer lots?
    Truth that the cars shown in the metal(or clay) will be in dealers between 12&24mos from now, and the information shown about the others.

    No we don't know which ones are which 100% because people would understandably like to keep their jobs and be included on next year's show.

  10. Veloster Style's Avatar

    Veloster Style said:
    I really hope the Dart GLH becomes a reality. This C&D article sheds a bit more light onto the car. Rumor Has it Dodge Will Make a Dart GLH! ? News ? Car and Driver | Car and Driver Blog .....The article states that the GLH "upgrade would be available across all Dart trim levels with pricing starting at $20k. I'm not quite sure what this means. Let's say there will be 3 trims (SE, SXT & GT) for the new Dart...This implies a GLH package would be available at each level, which seems odd (mainly for a base SE model). One would think GLH would be it's own trim with specific standard equip and a few options. The current Dart SE starts around $16,500 (MSRP)....I would assume the extra $3500 for the GLH package gets you the turbo engine and all the hardware to support it.....nothing more (no tech)
    Other vehicle: 2013 Hyundai Veloster Turbo (6spd manual) w/ Turbosocks Intake & Turbosocks Intercooler Baffle Delete Pipe