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  1. ocf2005 said:
    My car has the performance hood. I specifically looked at the cars which had the hood, since I like the look a lot better.
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    vipertv said:
    Quote Originally Posted by Bianco View Post
    Gotta say, unless the one I saw was a fluke, Go Mango on the '16 Dart is not the same color as the Go Mango available a few years ago on Challenger. The one (GT with sport hood) on the lot at Du Page CJD in Glendale Heights, IL looks like the '15 Header Orange with a new name! Very red and little to no metallic....
    Good news is, now no reason to trade my '14 GT!
    Maybe they just hadn't purged the lines at Belvedere completely!
    You know, on it's own it is definitely very red! I agree with it not being the same, it's almost a cross between Torred & Header Orange. Mine has a build of Nov. 2015.
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    187Flatliner said:
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    photos red but is orangish in real life
  4. Jmedley1998 said:
    Anyone know where the pvc valve is located on the 2013 doge dart