I have the 2013 SXT Dart with the 1.4L MultiAir Turbo and the DDCT. In the mornings it takes 3 or 4 turns for the engine to start up. Shifting feels fine except for lag at the top and the occasional double shift when in very slow traffic or traffic that keeps braking and accelerating at under 10mph. But downshifting is where I have massive issues. Grinding, loud shifts, hangups before I get any engine power back, multiple thump noises from the transmission as I stop. I just got this as a used car with 45k miles less than 2 weeks ago. Any advice or similar situations? I heard these transmissions have historically had problems and like 3 recalls on my model year's transmission alone.

New thing happened after I wrote this. I had a loud creak noise and then it acted like it was in neutral while I was in drive??

Going to the dealership next week to have them look at the transmission