I have a 2013 dodge dart aero 1.4 turbo. I've had my engine light go on with this same code for 3 years now. But it will also go off after a few days on it's own. Used to happen a couple times a year. Now it's happened 2xs in a week. It's out of warranty now of course. I never could get it to the dealer with the light on when it was under warranty, so they always claimed they couldn't diagnose it unless light was on and blew me off. I've seen many posts about replacing the boost solenoid and or the wastegate solenoid. I've been unable to find them anywhere online and the dealer claims they also dont carry these parts. HELP!! My daughter drives this car to college & drives on the thruway. She can't keep up merging in and out of traffic without the turbo. Anyone know where I can find these solenoids?!?!