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Always start with a tune. Any tuning shop should be able to tell you where you'll get the most gains.

Plus, more turbos won't do any good without changing the boost controller.
I would actually advise against going with a tune first before doing any other modification. The reason being that each and every time you install a new part or modification, that tune will have to be adjusted to take advantage of the part or modification you installed. Now, luckily with Eurocompulsion, they are the only company that I know of (even with other cars and tuners) that offer lifetime adjustments to their tunes... BUT that is only because you are spending SO much money for their tuner... So, my opinion for gaining power in this platform is to do the basics first and anything that you will want to do in the future... The modern ECU in this car will make its own adjustments to keep the car running correctly until you are done and able to get a tune. That way (and also in the case if you dont go with EC as your tuner of choice) you will not have to go back and forth numerous times paying god only knows how much money in re-tunes every time you put a new part on your car.

So my best advice, let the engine breathe first... Intake and exhuast... then move to the pressure system (intercooler, piping, Forge Atmospheric DV replacement valve)... then move to driver mods and more expensive items (engine mounts, lightweight pulley, short throw shifter, CDV delete if you have a manual and finally things like turbo upgrades, cams) then finally when you are all done with your mods for a while... THEN get your tune.